10 Best Free Online Room Design Tools

TAG Level - Best Online Room Design Tools
TAG Level - Best Online Room Design Tools

10 Best Free Online Room Design Tools

Getting ready to design your new home?  Interested in getting a sense of how the space will look inside?  Online Room Design is the answer – whether you are looking to redesign an existing space, or developing a new design for a completely new space, it can sometimes be difficult to know whether your ideas will really work, or make practical sense – this will help.

Online room design tools are a great method of determining the practicality of your ideas, and of knowing whether they will actually be functional and look the way you dreams, and it is immensely helpful to to put together a design outline and layout of your ideas.  If doing this on paper is not your interest, there are range of extremely useful free tools for planning and designing your space available online.  Many of these Online Room Design tools are extremely easy to use, and provide you a relatively quick way of creating your design – and they can be really fun!

This roundup is an overview of 10 of the best free online room design tools available – easy to use, and providing fast results, these are great assets to any person developing their interior layouts.  If you are looking for a more comprehensive paid option, a few options are provided at the end for your reference.

These tools are often brand specific, and use their own products as part of the design process, but whether you intend to purchase their products or not, you can get an excellent design overview using these great tools.

Autodesk Homestyler – This is a comprehensive tool, which provides some great and easy to use tools for designing just about any size of home.

Sweet Home 3D – This is a great tool, which you can use either online, or download a copy directly to your computer.  Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application  that helps you draw the plan of your house, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D.

Room Sketcher – The first in our roundup is from Room Sketcher – a free floor layout planner and home design tool.  This tool’s ease of use makes it simple to draw out and plan your layouts, and get some great visual perspectives on how your room design would fit and look.

Floor Planner – This tool comes in both the basic Free version, as well as a paid option.  The free version is quite simple to use, and very useful in getting you started in your planning and design journey.

Bathroom Accessories Guide –  This is a great tool, which uses the familiar graph line method to guide you through your design process.  Simple to use and measure, you are able to move basic furnishings around and get as a really good sense of how your room will look.

IKEA – No planning guide would be complete without mentioning the ubiquitous IKEA.  Whether you are a fan of their products or not, they provide some excellent tools to assist you in designing your rooms.  If you are interested in their products, you are even able to get a sense of the price your designs would cost to build!  Overall, some great planning tools here.

Model Rooms – Designing in ‘three easy steps’.  This tool is very simple to use, and the functions within the tool provide you some very easy methods to create your design.  A straight forward method of coming up with your perfect design!

Google Sketchup – This is probably the most comprehensive tool in the list, but as such, comes with a steeper learning curve than the other tools.  With Sketchup you are able to design just about anything, and provide 3D walk-throughs and animations to really spice up the experience.  One great thing about Sketchup is the vast library of designs available from others, which you can use as a starting point in your designs.

Homebase – This well known retailer provides numerous tools to assist you in your design process.  From floor space requirements, to other calculations, their tools can be very helpful.

Magnet – A great online kitchen planner, that “puts you in control”, according to them.  This is a very useful and easy to use tool, that will definitely help you get some fantastic design results.

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