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Introduction – Jar Size

Mason jars are widely used for food preservation and in the canning and pickling process, however, they can also be used for a variety of craft projects. Mason jars come in a variety of sizes and types, usually as glass jars, which is sometimes confusing when it comes to finding the right size of mason jars for your needs. This Mason jar size guide will explain the different sizes of mason jars so that you can choose wisely and make sure you have the right size jar for each project.

Types of Mason Jars – 4 oz, 8 oz (half-pint), 12 oz to 16 oz (pint) etc.

Mason jars are available in several styles and types such as regular mouth, wide mouth, and hyperlock. The type of mason jar you choose will depend on what you wish to do with it. To figure out how big or small a Mason jar is, all measurements should be taken from the widest part of the jar’s base (not including the screw threads).

  • Regular Mouth Mason Jars: These are available in various sizes ranging from 1/2 pint to 1 quart. The most common types are pint (16-ounce) and quart (32-ounce) with other popular sizes being 4 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz (1 pint), 22 oz , 24 oz.
  • Wide Mouth Mason Jars: These types tend to be larger than regular mouth mason jars with popular size options around 32 ounces or half gallon (64 ounces). Popular wide mouth sizes include 4 ounce , 8 ounce , 16 ounce , 32 ounce , 64 ounce.
  • HyperLock (wide mouth): These have a cleverly designed piston locking mechanism which creates an airtight seal without having a conventional metal band around it. This allows users to open up their sealed mason jar quickly without having to worry about damaging their container’s lid or seal. Popular hyperlock sizes include 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., 64 oz..
  • Specialty Jars: While you can find all sorts of regular sized mason jars, specialty options also exist as well such as quilted jelly jams with minimal decoration on their flat surfaces; these regular or wide mouth shaped jars create an eye-catching design suitable for offering sweet spreads at breakfast buffets or brunch parties. Bowl shaped Masong jars with handles also exist; they make wonderful salad servers to display colorful salads at potlucks without worrying about spilling them onto your tablecloths!

Regular Mouth Mason Jars and Lids

Mason jars come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with a standard size being the regular mouth mason jar. Regular mouth mason jars are a great choice for canning, storing and serving food and drinks.

The regular mouth mason jars come in four primary different sizes – the half-pint and the pint, with the less common quart and half-gallon varieties also available, but less frequently used. Let’s take a closer look at their sizes and their uses.

Half-Pint (8 oz) Mason Jars

Half-pint (8 oz) Mason jars are the smallest of the standard sizes. Despite their small size, they are incredibly versatile and popular among customers, and particularly for home canning. They fit perfectly in a kitchen cupboard, making them ideal for storing individual items such as dried goods like beans and grains, spices, jams and jellies.

Half-pint jars also make great containers for teas, dressings and sauces due to their size.

More recently Mason jars have become popular for use as drinking glasses or tumblers of all colors, shapes and sizes. Half-pint jars work great as drinking glasses due to their small size which makes them perfect for serving cocktails or cold drinks on the rocks. The pint sized Mason jar is also fashionable to decorate with colorful ribbons and ribbons lace; making it a great container for craft projects such as terrariums or flower vases.

Half pint mason jars come with both a regular mouth (2 3/4 inch opening) or a wide mouth (3 1/4 inch opening). The choice depends on your preference or whether you require a specific type of lid. Regular mouth Mason Jars generally require either flat lids or two-piece lids specifically made for them while wide mouth Mason Jars typically require wide mouth lids; however, there are some specialized lids that fit both types of mouths that can be purchased if desired.

Pint (16 oz) Mason Jars

Pint (16 oz) Mason jars, sometimes referred to as “Wide Mouth” jars, are the most recognizable type of Mason jar. In addition to popularly being used for canning and food storage, these jars are also used for wedding favors, office organization, and homemade gifts.

A regular-mouth pint Mason jar holds 16 ounces of liquid when filled up to the shoulders of the jar (1 pint = 16 ounces). Fill past that point and you’re only asking for potential spills. The capacity for solid items is slightly less than a full pint at 14.5 ounces, making it ideal for salads, snack mixes or canning vegetables like tomatoes and peppers.

These traditional style jars are some of the most versatile available! With a few additional components like lids and rings you can utilize them in many ways: as cups, vases or holders for small plants or candles. These jars measure up with a wide-mouth opening of 3 inches in diameter and stands 4 3/8 inches tall making them easy to fill with food items such as jams and jellies without too much mess.

These handy little jars are perfect stocking stuffers but also great additions to any kitchen decor! Employ regular-mouth pint mason jars throughout your kitchen pantry by storing everything from loose tea bags and coffee beans to seasonings such as cinnamon sticks or coriander seeds. These containers were practically made for DIY projects from mason jar lights to terrariums – unleash your creativity!

Quart (32 oz) Mason Jars

Quart (32 oz) Mason jars are perfect for preserving, canning or storing larger amounts of food. They are a classic choice for pickling vegetables like beets, green beans, and cucumbers. Quart Mason jars also make great storage containers for large bulk items and ingredients such as grains, flours, and pastas.

They are also ideal for large batches of homemade jams and jellies, preserving relishes, salsa recipes and more. Quart Mason jars come with two-piece lids that require a separate band to hold them in place when processing in a hot water bath or pressure canner.

Half-Gallon (64 oz) Mason Jars

Half-gallon (64-ounce) Mason jars are the largest common size of Mason jar available. Despite their impressive size, they can fit on a shelf and are still easily liftable when filled with food or other materials.

Because of its accommodating volume, this size is especially useful for:

  • Storing bulk foods such as flour, sugar, nuts, and grains and dry good items such as pasta.
  • Preserving large fruits or vegetables such as whole tomatoes, cucumbers and apples.
  • Dehydrating foods like mushrooms.
  • Making big batches of fermented products like kimchi.

Some specialty uses include wedding centerpieces, special occasion decorating, candle jars, and canning larger quantities of food at home.

In terms of crafting projects you might use a 64 oz half-gallon jar for flower arrangements or potpourri bowls; it’s even big enough to be used as a fishbowl in some cases! These large jars truly offer endless uses both indoors and out!

Wide Mouth Mason Jars (8 oz, 16 oz Pint, 32 oz, 64 oz and Quart size canning jar)

Wide Mouth Mason Jars, also known as the “Standard Size“, are probably the most common and popular Mason jar size. They have a wider mouth, making it easier to pour liquid in and out of them, as well as for adding wide ingredients.

Wide Mouth Mason Jars come in various sizes depending on the amount of liquid or food you need to contain. In this section, we will discuss the sizes of Wide Mouth Mason Jars:

Half-Pint (8 oz) Mason Jars

Half-pint (8 oz) Mason jars are ideal for canning jams, jellies, preserves, and smaller amounts of pickles or salsas. This versatile jar size allows for creative packaging and gifting options. The 8 oz size makes these small Mason jars the perfect containers for storing herbs and spices, sauces or dressings, marinades or simple butternut squash soup!

In addition to home use in canning, these jars also work well as unique vases and even tealight candle holders thanks to their compact size and wide mouths. With the wide mouth feature on these half-pint Mason jars you won’t have trouble pouring in your ingredients or cleaning up afterward. The classic combination of having a narrow lid room combined with a wide opening allows for an easy refrigeration experience when serving leftovers.

For those looking to easily distinguish between different contents in the fridge – choose half-pint mason jars that come with various color lids!

Pint (16 oz) Mason Jars

Pint (16 ounce) Mason jars are versatile, multi-purpose containers that can be used for food storage and preservation, crafting and even as decorative pieces. They are a great way to store dried goods, soup mixes, honey and more. The pint size has become a go-to for crafters because it is the perfect size for labels and decorations, as well as for storing small supplies like paper clips or paint brushes.

These classic Mason jars come with straight sides that make them easy to fill and stack neatly. Pint Mason jars come in both regular mouth (2 3⁄8 inches wide) and wide mouth (3 inches wide) sizes. The regular mouth version is the most common, but if you’re looking for a specific container size or want something with smoother sides or easier pouring capabilities then the wide mouth might be a better choice.

The pint Mason jar holds around two cups of liquid or enough to fill three medium-sized fruits like apples or oranges; this makes them an ideal option for making quarts of homemade jellies or jars of salsa.

Quart (32 oz) Mason Jars

Quart (32 oz) mason jars are popular for preserving fruits, vegetables, and other foods. The wide mouth design allows for easier filling, canning larger pieces of food, and more efficient emptying. Quart mason jars measure 7 inches in diameter and 5½ inches tall, with a lid opening of 4¼ inches. A standard-mouth quart jar tapers to 2⅝ inches at the lid opening, making them slightly more difficult to fill than wide-mouth quart jars.

Quart mason jars are also common for as gifts – especially during the holidays when homemade jams can be a special treat!

Half-Gallon (64 oz) Mason Jars

Half-gallon Mason jars, also known as 64-oz Mason jars, are tall and wide containers made from glass or transparent plastic. They usually ride higher than a pint- or quart-sized jar but are shorter than gallon Mason jars. They often have curved bodies with a wide mouth opening at the top and have thick walls to create a durable surface.

Half-gallon Mason jars can hold up to 64 ounces of liquid or 50 to 55 ounces of solid content. The exact size depends on the brand, as well as the type of material used for the container. Most half gallon jars feature a wide mouth opening that makes it easier to fill them with food items like jams, jellies, sauces, and dressings. The size also makes it easier to use them for canning larger amounts of food such as fruits, vegetables and other ingredients.

Half gallon mason jars also come in handy when storing large portions of dry food like grains and beans for later use or when transporting food over long distances. Because of its wide mouth opening, half gallon mason jars tend to take up less storage space than other types of containers with a similar capacity.

Uses of Mason Jars

Mason jars are a popular item that have been around for many years, and have a wide variety of uses. Their size and durability make them an ideal container to use in a variety of different ways. From storing soups and snacks to art projects and décor, Mason jars come in all shapes and sizes to suit any need.


Mason jars are ideally suited for canning fruits and vegetables – this allows you to preserve foods for long periods of time, and enjoy them all year around. The most common type of Mason jar used for canning is a 16-ounce, wide-mouth jar that measures 5.5 inches in diameter. Some benefits to using Mason jars when preserving food include their sturdy construction, compatibility with regular lids (or specific lids designed for vacuum sealing), and the ability to re-use the jars multiple times.  It is important to ensure when purchasing or buying standard canning jars, that you know what size of canning lids to include, as obviously depending on the size of the jar, the lid size will be important to complete the job.

The most common type of canning is water bath canning, where food is boiled in a solution of water and salt or sugar (this is in difference to pressure canning, which is a different process). While traditional mason canning jars are not temperature safe enough to withstand high-temperature water baths that exceed boiling temperatures, there are special types of mason jars that have been tested and certified to be suitable for this kind of canning use. Higher temperatures also requires lid sealing techniques other than two piece lids.  Canning jar sizes will vary depending on what types of foods you are using and whether you need a regular and wide mouth opening.

There are numerous recipes available online and elsewhere for creating simple homemade jams or compotes using Mason jars and a variety of fruits or vegetables such as vinegars, grapes apples etc.. Pectin solutions often must be added in order to achieve a proper setting point when making jams so it is important to follow a recipe carefully especially when it comes to safety considerations concerning preservatives like vinegar or sodium benzoate.

Those interested in home canning should always follow best food preservation practices during all preparation to avoid any spoilage or issues during the canning process.


Mason jars, which were named for American inventor John Mason who developed the mason jar lid in 1858, are incredibly versatile pieces of kitchen equipment. Starting as an inexpensive and easy way to store and preserve foods and liquids, mason jars have evolved into must-have items for those looking to make their kitchen more efficient and eco-friendly.  Either regular or wide mouth, jars these days can be used for a variety of storage purposes other than just for food items.  With many different types and sizes available, they can be used to store everything from knick-knacks to nails and screws.  A jar is a great additional home organization and storage solution for many people.

Size of Mason Jars - Storage - TAGLEVELThe wide range of sizes – ranging from tiny 4-ounce or 8-ounce jars all the way up to 64-ounce jugs – and durable construction of mason jars make them ideal for organizing and storing food in refrigerators, pantries, and cupboards. Many people use mason jars as portable lunch containers when packing meals on the go. Glass mason jars are also popular among people seeking an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic water bottles.

Regular mason jars can also be used as decorative storage holders or vases throughout the home, adding charm to any room. Smaller 4 or 8 ounce Mason Jars are especially perfect for storing beads or small craft supplies like buttons, glitter bombs – in fact anything you can think of! Mason Jars come with a variety of lids that give each an additional aesthetic look – perfect for decorating your home!


Mason jars are not just for saving jams, pickles, and other food stuffs; they have become a bit of a crafting and decorating staple. Many people add decorative items to the jar itself such as washi tape, scrapbook paper, glitter, or even embellishments like stick and pom-poms. Others turn the jars into permanent works of art by painting the clip in muted earth tones or incorporating chalkboard paint and chalk on the jar’s surface.

Once decorated, Mason jars are ideal for storage within the kitchen or bathroom cupboards to organize odds and ends items like cotton balls and bobby pins. Mason jars can also make great floral vases for both fresh cut flowers as well at artificial ones; either will bring life and beauty to any room in your house. Slim mouths mason jars can be hung from hooks on either side of a window sill where one can place would-be Size of Mason Jars - Decoration - TAGLEVELplants such as succulents or small seedling keeping them well watered without worrying about over-watering any table top space beneath them.

With all the possible uses for Mason Jars one could nearly go mad creating their own unique design with only your imagination for limitations!

Benefits of Mason Jars

Mason jars have many benefits, making them a great choice for a variety of uses. From decoration to convenience, Mason jars are an excellent way to spruce up any room. Not only do Mason jars provide style but they also offer several practical benefits.

  • Mason jars are made from clear glass, which allows users to easily see the content inside and make sure that items stored stay fresh and bug-free.
  • They are easy to seal and come in a variety of sizes for whatever food or beverage you may need to store.
  • Mason jars also help reduce clutter when organizing, since they stack neatly on shelves or in cabinets.

These glass containers can be used for a variety of purposes including home canning, storing dry foods such as grains or pasta, pickling vegetables, and even using them as drinking glasses. Mason Jars are also very durable and can handle temperature changes very well without breaking.

As an additional benefit, Mason jars are environmentally friendly because they are reusable and don’t require plastic packaging which often ends up in landfills. As an added bonus these containers look lovely and add style to your home décor as well!


Mason jars come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes, with popular sizes ranging from 8-oz to 128-oz (gallon-sized). There are countless uses and a mason jar is great for everything from preserving food and pickles, to storing grains and sugars for home baking. The best option for you will depend on what you need the Mason jars for.  As a jam jar, jelly jar, a pint jar for drinking, or larger jars for planting and decorative use – they are incredibly versatile!

If you are looking for the perfect size Mason jar to preserve food, there is no single definitive answer. Depending on the specific food items you want to store, certain sizes may be more suitable due to the types of lids available or because of other considerations such as headspace. It’s important to take into account all requirements when deciding which size jar would be most appropriate.

Whether it’s an 8-oz jar used to preserve mini jams or a gallon-sized one used by artisans in making candles, Mason jars are an iconic part of American culture. If you’re looking to purchase some in bulk so that they last years or keep homemade pickles on your pantry shelf, there are truly no limitations when it comes to finding the right size Mason jar!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size of a standard mason jar?

A: A standard mason jar has a capacity of 4 fluid ounces, with a diameter of approximately 2.5 inches and a height of about 3.5 inches.

Q: What is the size of a pint mason jar?

A: A pint mason jar has a capacity of 16 fluid ounces, with a diameter of approximately 3.5 inches and a height of about 4.5 inches.

Q: What is the size of a quart mason jar?

A: A quart mason jar has a capacity of 32 fluid ounces, with a diameter of approximately 4.5 inches and a height of about 5.5 inches.

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