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It’s that time of year again, the winter is drifting away, and spring is in the air – time to put that garden back into shape, and prepare for those long evenings enjoying the outdoors. One of the first things to get in order is your lawn, and if your old mower isn’t up to the task, then these lawn mower reviews are for you! We round up our recommendations in this guide for 2018 – from cordless, to petrol, to plugged electric and even manual push – our lawn mower buying guide will help you make an informed choice this spring.

As the saying goes, “if you don’t do it, nobody else will”, and the same goes for getting the lawn mowed. Make the most of your yard, or garden, and get it sorted with the best tools, so you can enjoy a perfect lawn, and spend those lazy summer days and evenings outside, enjoying the Barbecue and roasting marshmallows over the fire pit! You may be asking, “what should I buy, if my old mower is on it’s last legs?”, and whether you should look at a cordless mower, a gas/petrol powered unit, or perhaps a manual model. No matter the format, we’ve got you covered, and what follows is a roundup of the details, and the quintessential of lawn mower reviews for 2018.

Whether you are looking for a specific feature, or you simply want to know the ‘good and the bad’ of each different type of lawn mower, we’ve outlined all the data, and all the details you need in our buying guide below.

The Lawn Mower Reviews

We’ve divided this guide into four sections – Gas & Petrol, Corded Electric, Cordless and Manual Push. This is to give you an overview of each, while outlining everything as clearly as possible.

Quick Primer – Gas, electric, cordless or push: which is best?

  • Gas Mowers – if you have a very large lawn, gas mowers are often your best option. It is a true fact today, although less so than in the past, that gas mowers are still the most powerful of any available. They cut through very thick and long grass much easier without clogging, and provide a consistency overall that is unsurpassed. That said, they are usually more costly, and the engines require additional service and maintenance compared to their rivals.
  • Electric Corded Mowers – these are great for medium and smaller sized lawns, and are more than able to handle larger lawns, so long as you have a sufficient extension cord to handle the job. These mowers are extremely capable, are easy to start, and ready to go as quickly as you can plug them in – which means no refueling, waiting or charging required. Be sure your extension cords are rated for the proper Amperage to support these mowers, as they often require 12 Amp (or higher) rated extensions.
  • Cordless Mowers – are perfect for nearly any size of lawn, large to small. If you have a yard/lawn that is complicated with a lot of trees, gardens or obstacles that may obstruct a cord, than these cordless mowers are a perfect solution. There are limitations to the amount of time they can be run on a charge however, so if your yard/lawn is quite large, it is something to consider when making your choice. One additional benefit to these, is that they are usually lighter, which means they can be easier to push and maneuver than there rivals.
  • Push Mowers – a more traditional approach, but one that requires neither power, nor fuel to work with. They are ideal for smaller yards, though there is no limitation depending on how much muscle power and energy you are willing to put into the job. The nature of their design usually means they are better suited to flat lawns and yards, as the energy required for bumpy and/or hilly terrain can be overwhelming for some. For many, however, the fact they there are no additional electric or gas requirements, make them a very attractive option.

Bagging & Cuttings

Every mower will have a different variation of how it deals with bagging and managing the clippings from its use. You should pay close attention to the different bag sizes of the various models, in addition to whether they are side bag, rear bag etc. Depending on your preference, this will impact how you will use it. Larger bags mean you can complete larger yards/lawns without stopping to empty the bag, and if your composting/bin area is far away, is worth considering when making your choice.

Additionally, if you want to have a mower that can also mulch and/or discharge to the side, play close attention the options available, to ensure it meets your usage requirements. For many, having a munching option is perfect in climates where autumn leaves or other material is available to mulch, and often used as the last layer left on the lawn prior to the arrival of winter snow. This mulch is regularly regarded as an excellent ‘starter’ nutrient for a lawn in the early spring, so if this is something you are interested in, be sure you keep it in mind when making your choice.

Now… onto the meat & potatoes of the lawn mower reviews…

Corded – Electric

Greenworks 20 Inch 12 Amp Corded

Feature Summary:

  • Push-button-Start
  • Drive system: (not assisted) manual
  • 10-Inch Rear & 7-Inch Front Wheels
  • 7-Position Single Lever Height Adjustment
  • 20-Inch Steel Deck
  • 3-In-1 (Mulching, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag)
  • Foldable Handles For Easy Storage
  • 12 Amp Motor

With some of the highest reviews of any corded lawn more, the Greenworks 20 provides some very robust features. Obviously, the 20-Inch steel deck is an enormous draw for many, as it offers a wider swath of space for cutting. The motor is 12 amps, which means there is plenty of power, even for those times when the grass is quite long, and you’ve been remiss in keeping up with your lawn mowing. Multi-adjustment means you can ensure that you can set the height exactly, and achieve the perfect look and height you want. In fact, with a 7-step adjustment lever, you have a multitude of options to work with. Push button start adds ease to using the Greenworks 20, and with foldable handles, storing this fantastic mower is easy and flexible. Most importantly, the Greenworks 20 offers the complete range of options with respect to grass collection – their 3-in-1 feature means you can either Rear Bag the grass, side-discharge it, or use the mulch setting (perfect for those autumn leaves, and prepping your lawn with natural fertilizer).


  • Very light and easy to push – only 56 lbs
  • 4 Year tool warranty
  • No gas (no refueling required)
  • Easy push-button to start
  • Height adjustable cutting


  • No Extension cord included – **Important – Requires 12 Amp Extension Cord – using less may damage your mower**
  • Need to deal with a cord while mowing

Final Thoughts: Anyone considering a corded mower should consider the Greenworks 20 as a great option, though if you haven’t used a corded mower before, you should be ready for getting used to dealing with the cord itself. While it is a great mower, this cord management can be somewhat cumbersome and irritating for many. That said, it does the job extremely well, and is one of the highest rated corded mowers in the Amazon marketplace. Their 4-year warranty is very appealing, and should give you some piece of mind when selecting this mower.

Important Details – Corded Lawn Mowers

We don’t like to leave our readers in the dark about any additional things you may need, and it is important to note that, being a wired/corded unit, a minimum rated 12 Amp extension cord will be required to make this great lawn mower the champion it is capable of being. The minimum rated extension for this device is 12 Amps, so you need to be sure you have yourself covered – this cable is rated at 15 Amps, 125 V and 1875 Watts – perfect for high power use.

Cordless Lawn Mowers

EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless

Feature Summary:

  • Push Button Start
  • 3-in-1 features bag,mulch or side discharge
  • Lithium 5.0 Ah 56V Battery
  • Adjustable Height
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • 5.0Ah Battery with Rapid Charger
  • 55 Minutes run-time on full charge

This machine really ‘pops’, and is loaded with lots of great features – the Ego Power+ 20 is a brilliant and well thought out mower. It includes a 20 inch cutting platform, which is comparable to the Greenworks version above, but being cordless, provides a lot more flexibility, and removes the requirement for any extensions or additional cords. Importantly, the motor pumps it out well, and it is reviewed very highly by consumers for its performance, even in longer grass. The stated mowing time on a full charge is a whopping 55 minutes, which means it is well suited for large lawns and properties – this is a fantastic feature of the Ego Power cordless, and helps it to stand out against competitors. It includes the important ‘folding’ feature as well, and this provides great storage options, by reducing space required when in your storage/garage. This is a rear bag model, meaning it can collect all your cuttings and clippings easily. Finally, if you want the full feature set, allowing bagging/mulching/side discharge, than this model has it all! We are super impressed with this mower, and think it will do a great job of keeping your lawn looking great! It is definitely worth mentioning that it is very quiet as well!


  • Lightweight only 56.2 Pounds, and easy to maneuver
  • Includes a rapid charging unit
  • 56V battery
  • 55 minute running time


  • Once the charge is gone, you have to wait for a recharge before you can use it again
  • Some customers have noted they have had issues with the height adjustment lever
  • Higher price

Final Thoughts: If you’re in the market for a cordless mower, you would be hard pressed to find a better mower than the Ego Power 20+. It is packed with all the features you will need to get the job done! With 55 minutes of mowing time on a single charge, you should be able to get even the largest of yards done. The price is a bit high compared to competitors, but as one of the higher rated mower models, it is fair to say that customers have been very happy with the overall performance of this great mower. On the downside, as we mentioned above, some customers have mentioned their issues with the height adjustment feature, which could be a minor issue that is experienced only by a few, but it would be irresponsible not to make note of it.

Gas Lawn Mowers

Lawn-Boy 10736 21-Inch with Honda 160cc

Feature Summary:

  • Large bag capacity with easy empty feature
  • 2 Level height adjustment
  • 3 year Tru-Start Commitment (Start in 1 or 2 pulls, or they will replace it)
  • High wheel design makes it easy to maneuver on uneven terrain
  • Reliable Honda Engine
  • 2 Year “no worry” warranty

With any gas powered engine, you are definitely getting the power you need to ensure you get a great job done, and your lawn looks great. Of course, this does mean you need to ensure you have fuel at hand, and the proper fuel cans and other items to ensure you can operate it. Additionally, it is a 4-cycle engine, so there is not need to have an oil/gas mixture pre-mixed, as the oil has a separate receptacle in the crank case. With a Honda motor, the Lawn Boy is definitely kitted out properly to ensure a reliable mower for a very long time. With proper maintenance and service, you are sure to have a mower that will last for a very long time. This model is available in a self-propelling unit, which is worth checking out if the push model is too heavy or cumbersome for some. The inclusion of a 3 year try-start commitment is pretty unique, and means that you are assured an easy starting motor, and they guarantee it! This piece of mind is likely to put many at easy, as starting gas mowers is often the most difficult part of the task for many people. Add to this an additional 2 year ‘no worry’ warranty, and you get a clear feeling that Lawn Boy has made a strong commitment to their product, and their customers.


  • 11 Inch back wheels – permitting use on almost any terrain
  • Larger Bag Capacity
  • 3-in-1 use – Bag, Mulch or side discharge
  • Steel dome/chassis – durable


  • Needs Fuel, Oil & Storage available
  • No folding handle and can only be stored horizontally
  • 62 pounds – the heaviest in our group
  • Oil is also required to be in the separated crank case

Final Thoughts: As Lawn Boy likes to say of themselves, “Lawn-Boy is Easy to Handle, but Hard to Beat”. When it comes to gas mowers, they certainly have put together one of the strongest contenders in our lawn mower reviews, which is definitely hard to beat. This model is one of the most highly rated of the gas models available in the Amazon marketplace, and customers seem to love its many features. The Lawn Boy 10736 21-Inch includes a robust feature set, including the 3-in-1 discharge option, which permits you to use the mower in a variety of circumstances. The larger bag capacity will definitely be attractive to those with larger yards, and for those who prefer to stop as few times as possible in order to empty the bag. As it is a gas mower, you will get extended use out of the Lawn Boy, though it does also mean you need to have all the necessary fuel and holding tanks safely available and full whenever you want to use it. Service and maintenance will always be required with a fuel engine, but with a substantial warranty, it is certain you are well supported if you run into any issues. We love this mower, and it is highly regarded. It is necessary to mention again, that as it is a gas mower, it requires there is always fuel available, and oil in the crank case.

Manual (armstrong) Push Mower

Great States 415-16 16-Inch Reel Mower

Feature Summary:

  • 10-inch wheels (ball bearing)
  • Tempered, alloy steel reel and bed knife blade
  • Powder coated finished handle (rust preventing for longer life)
  • 16-inch cutting width (this model)
  • Adjustable height handle (range 1/2-inch to 2-1/2-inch)
  • Heat treated blades (stays sharp longer)

If you’ve ever used a manual push mower, you know that it can be good exercise, and in some cases, a serious challenge. Models of the past were a toil to work with, and often didn’t do a great job. Add to this the fact that grass of any substantial length was an enormous challenge to take on. With the Great States push mower, you have found a friend – as this mower has an ease to it, that makes tacking your lawn, no matter the length, a much easier experience. This mower comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 14 to 18 inch widths, allowing you to give your lawn a ‘shave’ in wider swaths. The large wheels glide smoothly with their ball bearings providing an ease of movement that you will appreciate. Sharp and effective, this mower does a great job. It is likely best recommended for smaller yards/gardens, though that is only limited by the amount of energy and effort you are willing to extend in taking on your lawn. If you have the energy, there is no limit to the size of plot you can mow using this great tool. Of course, in deference to electric and/or gas mowers, the Great States mower does not cut when pulled backwards, so forward movement is required in order to be effective. Additionally, you need to move at a fairly consistent pace to achieve results, but once you’ve gotten the knack of it, this mower does an effective job. While it does not come standard with a bagging solution, you can buy additions to the mower, which includes a rear ‘catch-all’ bag that can assist you. We find that it is somewhat small, and to be honest, it is almost inevitable that the majority of the grass clippings won’t reach the bag anyway, but it will provide some measure of assistance if your plan is to remove the clippings from your lawn after cutting.


  • No Fuel or Electricity required – works any time!
  • Large wheels and smooth movement with ball bearing inset
  • Stay-sharp heat treated blades
  • Low Cost


  • Requires greater effort than electric or gas mowers
  • Maximum width of the platter is 18 inches, depending on the model you choose – slightly smaller than most other mowers
  • Best suited to smaller lawns/gardens (though this depends only on the individual’s effort)
  • Clippings are generally left on the lawn (bag available, but not effective)

Final Thoughts: This mower from Great States is one of the lowest priced mowers you will find, but of course, without any electronics, or motor included, this is only obvious. Using a manual push mower means you don’t need access to power or fuel to use this device, and thus is the most environmentally conscious of the mowers in this list. One peripheral benefit of using any manual push mower is the fact that you’ll get some additional exercise every time you use it! The heat treated blades mean that you will rarely have to sharpen the blades, which makes maintenance and service a much easier experience over time. The large wheels with ball bearings also means that this mower pushes smoothly and easily, reducing the effort required to move it through the grass. Like all manual push mowers, the effort required is slightly more strenuous than with an electric or gas model, but the rewards of knowing you’ve accomplished your task without the need of any additional power or fuel is quite satisfying. We love this little mower, and with an adjustable handle, nearly anyone in the family can take on the task of mowing, without the same amount of safety and care concerns you have with other mowers.

Accessories of Interest:
Otimo 100 ft 12/3 Outdoor Extra Heavy Duty Extension Cord – Professional Series – 3 Prong Extension Cord

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