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Looking to spruce up your walls in a unique and creative way? Look no further than our collection of inspiring vertical ship lap ideas! From rustic farmhouse accents to modern wall art, vertical ship lap is sure to add personality and style to any room in your home. Let’s explore the possibilities together!


Ship lap is a timeless, classic look that can give your home interior design a look of sophistication and modern style. Its sleek and streamlined design offers a host of creative possibilities you can use to add exciting architectural flair to any room. Stacked vertically, shiplap cladding brings a hint of warmth and texture to even the most sterile-looking wall or space. The natural colors of the wood shine through in a subtle way, adding character and charm without overwhelming the eye. If you’re looking for new ways to spruce up your interior walls, utilizing vertical ship lap is an excellent option for achieving an elegant yet contemporary vibe in any room. In this article we’ll explore some inspiring vertical ship lap design ideas that will help you achieve the perfect look for your space:

What is Vertical Ship Lap?

Vertical ship lap is an innovative wall cladding solution that has a striking visual appeal compared to traditional horizontally-installed options. While the classic horizontal shiplap look is still a popular choice for interior walls, vertical ship lap offers a number of advantages.

Unlike traditional horizontal shiplap, vertical ship lap fits better in rooms with limited space. By arranging the boards vertically, they take up less height while providing more length and width coverage. Additionally, vertical shiplap can create an interesting style contrast if your walls are already decorated with horizontal trim or patterns.

Versatility is another quality of vertical shiplap – because it can be installed over other types of wall surfaces including drywall and brick, you’re not limited to any particular style or design aesthetic. This allows you to play around with different colors and textures as you customize your indoor environment – an added benefit over traditional horizontal-style boards which are often restricted by size constraints due to their orientation.

Finally, depending on the wood species used and its natural characteristics, like chatoyancy or attractive grain patterns and knots, the beauty of real wood can come alive when vertical-style installation brings out all those natural variations not seen in similar horizontal designs. To further enhance the material’s visual impact consider installing panels of contrasting sizes as well as finishes like paint or stain – these options give more control over color and texture that add character and extra personality to any room setup unique visual elements for impactful spaces within your home aesthetic.

Benefits of Using a Vertical Ship Lap Wall

Vertical ship lap is quickly becoming a popular design element, both indoors and outdoors. This type of siding can be used to hide a multitude of building imperfections or simply provide an inviting touch to a space. There are many benefits associated with this aesthetic choice, each created for different décor themes and tastes.

One great advantage to vertical ship lap is its versatility – it can easily be used in any room or outdoor space. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, the look can be adjusted to fit the style of the house or outdoor entertainment area. This makes it easy to customize and change over time to accommodate changing tastes or home needs, while still ensuring that you love the end result!

When properly installed, vertical ship lap creates an air tight seal without additional caulking necessary between each board joint. Additionally, it’s more durable than traditional horizontal siding due to its ability to resist movement during temperature changes without splitting boards along weak fracture lines like horizontal shiplap can do. All of these features combine for improved energy efficiency compared to other types of exterior siding available on the market today.

Finally, using vertical ship lap brings a sense of texture and depth that is not easily accomplished with other types of materials and designs. The grooves between boards help create interest in any space indoor or out as well as adding visual appeal when stained or finished differently than other wood pieces placed throughout your home or yard landscaping design elements may appear flat but become more dimensional when vertical boards are used against it contrastingly different color schemes can also accentuate these dimensional aspects allowing for an enhanced overall look no matter the color palette used.

Design Ideas for Vertical Ship Lap

Vertical ship lap, also known as board and batten style siding, is a type of residential exterior finish that features alternating strips of wood designed to resemble the dry sailboat planks known as “shiplap.” Once used primarily in rustic cabins, vertical ship lap has now become popular in many modern design applications.

Vertical ship lap as a wall treatment can be used to create an eye-catching contrast between plain white walls or used as full-wall accents, and makes an especially strong impression as a feature wall. Its crisp and clean lines can be painted or stained to create a variety of effects ranging from delicate pastel hues to bolder colors. Whether you’re looking for a way to modernize your existing home décor or you want to make more of a statement with grand new design ideas, shiplap is an ideal material for achieving both goals.

Inside the home, vertical ship lap can add instant character along fireplace surrounds, around overflow windows and on oversized fireplaces. Placing boards vertically along wall reveals and ceilings is another great way to introduce structure into any space without taking away from its beauty. Installing boards around kitchen islands and across cabinet faces adds great texture without encroaching on what should remain open space. The possibilities with this timeless look are nearly endless!

To take your vertical ship lap design further, consider embellishing it with framing details like distressed trim around doorways or painted millwork lines outlining each plank’s edges. Cladding walls with narrow tongue-and-groove boards creates depth while also providing extra storage space through cubbies throughout the wall’s interior – making this look both practical and stylish! Finally, if you’re feeling more adventurous when incorporating Vertical Ship lap into your home design, try creating interesting patterns by paring different colors together or playing with new heights when installing each board along the surface area!

Vertical Ship Lap Ideas - TAGLEVELMaterials for Vertical Ship Lap

Creating a vertical shiplap feature in a room can add an unexpected element of texture, style, and visual interest to your space. With plenty of materials to choose from, you can either purchase them already made or make them yourself. Here are some popular materials used for creating vertical shiplap features:

  • Wood Planks – This classic option is often made from pine, cedar, fir or spruce wood planks with a tongue-and-groove design. You can purchase pre-painted planks or paint them yourself with decorative colours to create your own unique look. These wood planks may also be stained in various shades for added character.
  • Vinyl Shiplap – An affordable and easy-to-install alternative to wood planks is vinyl. It offers a highly diverse selection of vinyl shiplap in various sizes and colours and requires little to no maintenance once installed. Vinyl doesn’t contain any toxins that may contribute to air pollution making it both environment friendly as well as cost effective.
  • Metal – If you’re looking for an industrial touch in the bedroom or office space, metal shiplap is the perfect choice! Corrugated steel provides a strong and affordable solution that’s also weather resistant making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Alternatively you can use galvanized aluminum which has a one-of-a kind look that’s sure to stand out from traditional wooden designs.
  • Brick – Bricks are the perfect material to create the classic exposed brick wall look many people desire! Simply affix bricks together into interlocking patterns using mortar or other adhesives while allowing space between each brick for visual appeal. Bricks come in dozens of colors giving it an additional plus over other materials when looking for unique design elements.

Installation Tips for Vertical Ship Lap Accent Wall

Before installing vertical shiplap, it is important to properly prepare the walls. For an optimal installation, make sure to clean the wall surfaces with a mild cleanser and water prior to installation. Additionally, inspect the walls for defects or irregularities. If any repairs are necessary, please ensure they are thoroughly completed before proceeding with shiplap installation.

For interior walls, vertical shiplap can usually be installed directly over existing drywall with no additional preparation needed. However, if you’re working on exterior walls, apply a breathable water-resistant barrier—such as Tyvek—between the existing sheathing and shiplap boards before beginning installation.

When selecting a fastening system for vertical shiplap boards consider using corrosion-resistant nails or screws such as stainless steel or zinc plated nails/screws for exterior applications and solid plastic plugs for interior applications that won’t alter the home’s aesthetic appeal. If you plan to paint your siding in light colors only use galvanized nails or screwswhich will help minimize staining issues due to rust accumulation of untreated fasteners used beneath light colored finishes. To ensure maximum protection against moisture penetration on exposed edges (outside corners) use self-adhesive flashing tape or galvanized corner trim with the fasteners spaced as close together as possible (no greater than 12 inches apart). See manufacturer’s recommendations prior to making any purchasing decisions before starting your project so that you can use parts that are compatible with each other and applicable building codes in your area.

Maintenance and Care for Vertical Ship Lap Board

Maintaining a beautiful vertical shiplap wall requires regular care and attention to ensure it looks its best and lasts for many years. Here are some of the basics to add to your vertical shiplap maintenance plan:

  • Cleaning: Wiping down the wall with a damp cloth or mop is generally sufficient for normal cleaning. However, if you have grease or grimy marks, you may want to use an all-purpose cleaner on them. When necessary, lightly sanding the surface of your shiplap may also be needed to help remove built-up dirt and grime.
  • Sealing: Sealing the surface can provide additional protection against water and moisture damage. The sealant used should depend on what type of material the shiplap was made from – oil-based polyurethane sealers are typically used for wood panels and water-based polyurethane sealers are typically used for composite materials like vinyl siding or engineered wood siding.
  • Painting: Painting your vertical shiplap can provide additional protection against elements as well as a more vibrant look for your walls. Make sure you use a quality paint meant for exterior surfaces; most paints will last from 3-5 years if applied properly in temperature-controlled environments.
  • Replacing Damaged Panels: Severe rots, warping or watermarks may indicate that it’s time to replace damaged panels on your shiplap walls. Matching new components with the original parts usually requires ordering custom panels specifically designed for the job; this ensures a seamless fit between materials and styles when repaired properly by experienced professionals.


When considering how to use vertical shiplap in your home improvement projects, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Consider how the color and texture of the wood will complement your existing décor.
  • Measure carefully before making any cuts so you can be sure the finished look will be exactly what you envisioned.
  • Remember that it’s not necessary to go overboard with your vertical shiplap project – an accent wall or focal point can make just as big of an impact as an entire room coated with the panels.

Whether you choose to use vertical shiplap indoors or outdoors, a few simple steps and some creativity can help you achieve a stunning result. From walls and backsplashes to fireplace facades and furniture pieces, there are so many ways to incorporate this timeless look into your home’s design. With over one hundred varieties available today, it has never been easier to get inspired and enhance the appearance of any space with this classic character-building material.

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