Great Prefab Homes Available on the Market Today!

Via: Coodo 64 - Bielefeld - Prefab Homes
Via: Coodo 64 - Bielefeld - Prefab Homes

Affordability is relative when it comes to choosing a home, as each person has different circumstances shaping their budget.  With this in mind, we’ve attempted to select a range of prefab homes at what we consider to be in the “affordable range”, and that are actually available to purchase today, and not just conceptual or “beta” versions.  In deference to houses on wheels, which in many cases offer less expensive options, these prefab homes offer a range of style and function that are not usually available in modern tiny homes on wheels.

The costs highlighted here are estimates only, and represent the base prices for the primary main structure.  The costs listed are not “all inclusive”, and there are additional costs and fees associated with purchasing land, site preparation, shipping, and various other costs and expenses.  All of that being said, these are still relatively affordable prefab homes and exciting options that are available on the market for purchase today.


Northwest by ideabox
Northwest by ideabox

ideabox (yes, they prefer the name all in lowercase) offers a range of great designs and options with 9 style models listed in their 2017 overview.  Their models range from 500 ft2  to 1600 ft2, and are wonderfully designed and incredibly innovative homes that any potential home owner could be proud of.  ideabox only ships to certain locations within the US: California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Northwest Model  (
Size: 560 ft2 (1 bed, 1 bath)
Cost (est.): $113,400
Key features: Galley kitchen, stainless steel appliances, painted fiber cement shingles


Kithaus has been developing innovative and creative homes and options for quite some time.  They began with their k3 series house, and have fine-tuned and developed increasing innovative and well designed prefab homes, and today are offering the k5 and k6 to the market.  They also offer custom design builds, and commercial structures as well, and from the look of their design aesthetic, are also very attractive – (

Size: 240 to 330 ft2
Cost: Starting from $55,000
Key features: Structural insulated panels construction, white shiplap or birch plywood walls, bamboo or plywood, Ikea or similar quality furnishings and fixtures

Coodo by LTG Lofts to go

For 2018, Coodo has announced they will only be taking orders for their Coodo 24, Coodo 32 and Coodo 64 Models.  Previously they have offered other models, but due to order volume, they have chosen to focus on these models for 2018.  They offer a wide range of extensions and other options however, which add some great design and expansion options to these great looking homes.  The model numbers are representative of their size, with the smallest being the Coodo 24 at 215 ft2 to the larger Coodo 64 at 670 ft2(

Size: 200 to 700 ft2
Cost: Pricing by quotation only
Key features: accessible, flexible, expandable, mobile and sustainable

Follow Up – Prefab Homes

We try to keep up with trends in the Prefab market, and look forward to adding additional updates and articles on these fantastic home solutions in the near future.  For another great version of Prefab, check out our article on Dubldom prefab – it is another great option to consider when looking into fantastic prefab solutions!

Let us know your thoughts, we try to respond as quickly as possible!  To stay up-to-date on all our articles, tutorials, product ideas and inspirations – subscribe to our newsletter and stay in touch!

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    • Hi Pilar,

      According to the team at Coodoo, they have provided licenses for US production, and they should be available. My recommendation is to send them a quick note, and they can provide you some details on ordering, and their partners in the USA. They have a contact page available for your questions here – Coodoo Contact Page


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