Prefab Homes from DublDom now available in U.S.

TAG Level - Prefab Homes by Dubldom
TAG Level - Prefab Homes by Dubldom

Prefab Homes – DD 2.87

Build: DublDom DD2.87 Model
Living area: 87 square meters
BuildingTotal area: 100 square meters
Ceiling heigth: 1.85-3.1m.
Weigth: 12 tonnes

Price: Starting at $59800

A very intriguing option when considering lower-cost and smaller dwellings, are these prefab homes from DublDom.  Designed by architect Ivan Ovchinnikov, they are built by DublDom, a company he has spear-headed in Russia, and are now available in Europe, and the United States.

DublDom 2.87 Plan
DublDom 2.87 Plan

The simple modern designs are considered “cabins”, but could by any account, be a comfortable and inspiring full-time home. The available designs range from 280 square-foot studios, to much larger 1,400 square foot multi-bedroom homes. Pricing is very reasonable with the basic options included, starting as low as $23,000 and upwards towards $100,000. The designs are very open and spacious, and maximize natural lighting with large windows – the overall effect is quite impressive.

The building system is made to allow the homes to be constructed in a matter of days, which means once you have the necessary services available for power, sewer etc., it ispossible to have a quick transition from delivery to “ready to live”.

Impressive interiors highlight the modern feeling the designers have created, and the packages include a variety of features, furnishings, and options – including verandas and other great additions.

Dubldom - On The Move
Prefab – On The Move

These prefab homes look great, and come in a great variety of designs and sizes to suit most tastes.  Furthermore, the relatively low costs make these prefab h

omes a really attractive option to those looking for a second property, a cottage, or even a full-time home.  Impressive prefab homes from Dubldom – Check out some photos of the available models in the gallery below, and have a look at their exciting range of designs and options.

For another great prefab house, check out our article on the M.A.DI. House, which can be build in only a day, and has some really amazing features.

In addition to their great looking homes, Dubldom offers some really interesting offerings for furnishings and accessories, again made of wood, that look actually quite awesome.  If you’re interested in a full solution, that includes some great accessories and well made wooden furnishings – they have you covered!  You can check their selection out here.

Gallery – Dubldom

All images via DublDom


  1. These look really awesome! I wonder if the cost of shipping might impact the overall attractiveness of the price. I hope there will be some updated information about how to purchase this in North America some time soon. I’ve looked at the videos and other material online, and these look like a really economical contender for people looking to build something a little more economical than the standard stick house.

    • Hi Mike,

      As I understand it, Dubldom will be providing shipments directly from the U.S. some time in 2017, so the shipping costs would be within the U.S., and not international. That said, I have no confirmation of this as yet, so will post an update as soon as I know more about their planning.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      We have recently contacted DublDom for an update on the purchasing process, timelines for delivery and so forth. As soon as we have more information, we will provide that. In the meantime, they do state that they plan to “be able to deliver our houses in Q3-Q4 2017. Price will be around 160$ per sq ft”. We have reached out to them for further information, and will update our data soon.

    • Hi Jonathon,

      I received a note from Egor at Dubldom today, stating that they continue to be active in their attempts to make agreements with North American suppliers and distributors. We will update again as soon as there is confirmation of specific companies that will make it available in North America. We are also quite interested in this project, and in seeing the products available in North American markets.


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