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There are a myriad prefab homes available on the market today, all of which provide different designs and benefits, and vary wildly in price and practicality. We have been encouraged by the promise of prefab homes being available at realistic costs that would allow a broader range of people the opportunity to own their own property. That said, over that past many years, the promise of the prefab manufacturers have not entirely met expectations, and while prefab homes have looked great on the pages of glossy architecture and interior design magazines, they have fallen well short of meeting their affordability promise. Things are changing however, and while there is still a ways to go to reach a price point we think is truly ‘affordable’, the developments are promising. The folks at Deltec Homes have a lot of experience in the prefab homes market, and have developed some great designs over the years. More recently, with their 360 and Renew Collections, they are offering base house pricing that is actually quite remarkable. They have developed some beautiful designed and quality prefab homes under 100k, which has been sought after by so many. We highlight a few of their smaller prefab homes in this article, and offer some insights into these high-quality and affordable homes.

Prefab Homes Under 100k

The folks at Deltec Homes have designed some truly beautiful and inspired homes, that not only strive to provide home owners with amazing design, but dwellings that are well crafted, using quality eco-friendly materials. Their range of homes is broad, though in each of their two primary home design categories, the 360 and the Renew Collection, there are models basic models available that start at under 100k. These are the shell prices, and the finishing and site costs are obviously additional, though as a starting point, these are certainly worth considering if these price ranges suit your budget. These great designs represent quality products that are genuinely bridging the gap between great design and affordability.

Specifically, there are two models of prefab homes under 100k that are available. The first we will highlight, which is part of their 360 Collection, is definitely a small home, as it is only 328 ft2, but it provides all of the comforts and requirements to be a full-time small home, cabin, or accessory dwelling. The second prefab home we highlight is a larger home, and is part of the Deltec’s Renew Collection, called the Ridgeline A. While the base price is under 100 thousand, the turn-key price for this particular model will be higher once completed and ready to move in.

360 Collection – Classic 328

TAG Level - Deltec Prefab Homes Under 100k
Via: Deltec Homes

These homes feature the very unique circular design, giving them their 360 name, and this design choice creates a comfortable and open living environment. The Classic 328 home is the least expensive of the homes offered by Deltec, at only $38,000 USD for the base shell, and ranging from $80,000 upwards depending on the options and features you choose.  This model is a one bedroom studio design that features an open design, complete kitchen, full bathroom and living area, and would be suitable for someone that is comfortable with tiny house living. That said, the optional addition of a wrap-around deck could create a very comfortable living space that would be suitable for many.

TAG Level - Deltec Prefab Homes Under 100k
Via: Deltec Homes

360 Collection – Classic 746

TAG Level - Deltec Prefab Homes Under 100k
Via: Deltec Homes

The second option in the 360 Collection is the Classic 746. It is substantially larger than the lower priced 328 model, and features a full two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and 746 ft2 of living space. While the base price does make it one of the prefab homes under 100k, with a shell price of $65,000 USD, the fit-out costs for the home will vary depending on the options you choose. That makes this home a low base price, but suggested turn-key pricing for the larger model can be upwards of $150,000 USD. We highlight this model as ‘sub 100k’, as it may be an intriguing option for those who have slightly larger budgets, or those who are able to do the internal fitting and completion work themselves, thus keeping the turn-key cost lower.

TAG Level - Deltec Prefab Homes Under 100k
Via: Deltec Homes

Renew collection – Ridgeline A

The Renew Collection from Deltec have been designed with eco-friendly features as a priority. The homes in this collection use nearly two-thirds of the energy of most standard homes, and their available options to include Solar and renewable resources to their dwellings, makes these homes very attractive. Additionally, the overall engineering and design of the homes means that they make full use of the surrounding air to ensure comfortable ambient temperatures at all times of the day, and throughout every season.

The second option in our prefab homes under 100k selections, is from their Ridgeline home from the Renew Collection. These are great designs, with numerous features that will entice many potential homeowners. Their sub 100k price is again a part of their ‘base price’, though they are definitely worth considering, as their turn-key pricing will depend on options and the amount of work you are able to complete on your own once the shell is delivered.

TAG Level - Deltec Prefab Homes Under 100k
Via: Deltec Homes

The Renew Collection from Deltec Homes is really impressive. They’ve managed to design some really remarkable dwellings at very reasonable costs, while maintaining high quality and great finishing. The base shell price for the Ridgeline A make it a contender in our list of prefab homes under 100k, and while the turn-key price does knock the pricing up, it is important to note that final cost will depend on the options you choose, and the amount of work you are able and/or willing to do on your own. The shell price for this home is $98,000 USD, though their suggested turn-key pricing makes it a much higher overall cost – again, this will depend on the options you choose, and it would be recommended to speak with Deltec to determine exactly what your pricing would be.

The Ridgeline A 1,536 ft2, with two full bathrooms, large living and kitchen area, and plenty of outdoor patio space, high ceilings and open design. One of the bathrooms is an ensuite bathroom, as a part of the master suite, and the overall look of these homes is impressive. With elegantly sloped roof lines, they also make practical use of space, and the option for mounting solar panels on the sloped roofline may be an option.

TAG Level - Deltec Prefab Homes Under 100k
Via: Deltec Homes

Features and Benefits

The manufacturing and development methods of prefab homes means you get increased energy efficiency and enhanced durability, with faster delivery than conventional construction methods. The build of any prefab home is done in a controlled space, meaning your home is not exposed to weather during the manufacturing process. The factory itself is entirely powered with renewables, and the company takes recycling seriously, with up to eighty percent of their waste being recycled.

Delivery and assembly of the homes is relatively quick, and in some cases can be completed in only days – this is immensely attractive for many, though site preparations have to be completed, as to service installations, prior to assembly.

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

As noted in the previous descriptions of these homes from Deltec, the focus on creating eco-friendly dwellings is forefront in the design process with Deltec Homes, and it is their stated mission to “go beyond reducing environmental impact to creating a positive, restorative effect”. Deltec Homes is a BCorp certified company, which means it adheres to the highest environmental, social and accountability standards. Having a company that commits to their mission and goals so rigidly, and certifying their structures, is not only refreshing, but also highly commended in a competitive housing marketplace.

One final point that is worth mentioning about the homes from Deltec, is their focus on using materials that are made in the US. Their statement is that “99.9% of all their home materials are made in the USA”. This aspect of Deltec’s build phiolosopy may be important to those who prefer to know their dollars are supporting the national economy, and is a point worth noting in favour of Deltec Homes.

Intelligent Home Design

The designs of these homes is intended to be as seamless as possible, and permits limitless design customizations that allow you to create nearly any floor plan you can imagine. Additionally, the design of the structures is such that walls of the home are not ‘load bearing’, and this further enhances the customization of your floor plan. The overall structures are designed to enhance the energy efficiency of these structures, with the goal of providing the most passive net-zero designs possible.

Build Time, Delivery and Warranty

The average time from ordering to the time you can move in to your home from Deltec Homes is around 6 months. Added to this is a full two-year warranty on all materials and labour, and in our experience is longer than other warranties available in the marketplace today.


When it comes to prefab homes under 100k, we think that Deltec has created some amazing, beautiful and well designed homes. Their attention to detail, a focus on eco-friendly materials, in addition to their certified BCorp stamp of approval, means that these homes are sure to impress anyone looking to buy in the sub 100k price range.

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