Small Laundry Room Ideas

Small Laundry Room Ideas

If you’re interested in finding great new ways to improve and refresh your home with some great changes and designs for your laundry room, our comprehensive list of small laundry room ideas is perfect for you. The time has come to say goodbye to a dark and dingy launderette and welcome a spacious and bright washing room instead.

Availability and costs to match your small laundry room ideas

The size of the laundry room depends on your space availability and choice. But research shows that the average size of a laundry room in the US is 35 square feet, and this includes the machines, cabinets and shelves, and countertops. Depending on what design you choose, the range of cost in making change can be vast, so if you are keeping it simple, the costs will remain relatively low, though a full remodel with changes to walls or major construction can be expensive.  All of that said, some reliable references indicate that the range of cost to make a change to you laundry room could set you back anywhere between $800 and $12,000.

At TAGLevel we believe in doing things as simply and inexpensively as possible, so in the spirit of great ideas to make your small laundry room even better, let’s focus on the inexpensive and easy opportunities, and have a look at our list of small laundry room ideas on a budget.

13 small laundry room ideas to consider for your home

We understand that you may have a budget or space constraint. Our list of small laundry room ideas for apartments checks all the below boxes:

  • They’re inexpensive to implement.
  • They are quick to design and build.
  • They are ideal for both stand-alone homes and apartments.
  • They’ll offer lots of storage space once we’re done.
  • They’ll match your interiors seamlessly.

Alright then, let’s get started.

    1. Try a single wall laundry closet

If you’re looking for small laundry room ideas for apartments – this is the place to start. Many of us tend to stagger our laundry machines and cabinets around the room. This can take up a lot of space. Choose a single wall. Build a cabinet on that wall and store all of your supplies in one spot. You can place your machine under the cabinet against the same wall. If you have a dryer too, just stack the machines one on top of the other.

To save more space, skip the folding table. Just bring in an acrylic chair whenever you need to fold and heap your clean clothes on it.

    1. No additions, just change the layout for those under a shoestring budget

When it comes to small laundry room ideas on a budget, nothing is as inexpensive as a minor layout change. Instead of doing a major revamping or renovation, do some minor changes. Our experts at [company name] can take a look at your laundry room and recommend the most cost-efficient and space-efficient modifications.

    1. Go in for alternately open & closed cabinets

Having a combination of open and closed cabinetry gives the illusion of more space. It opens up your washing room and allows in more light. This is a particularly great option if you have a window in the launderette. We can build the cabinets in such a way that they won’t block the light.

Open cabinetry prices start at $80 for simple set-ups and can cost higher, depending on the design and wood you choose.

    1. Roll-out shelves and foldable ironing board can save a lot of space

This is one of the best extremely small laundry room ideas because it offers you a lot of functionality by taking up the least space. You only need a single small one-cubby cabinet next to your washer. Sliding/pull-out shelves can be constructed in multi-levels. This will prevent the need to have multiple closets and cabinets in the room. Plus, by having a foldable ironing board, you can save space that is taken up by permanent ironing platforms.

    1. How does a “hidden-behind-the-wall launderette” sound?

When we’re discussing the best small laundry room ideas on a budget, we have to talk about the hidden laundry closet. It not only saves space, but it looks absolutely amazing. We can build a small laundry space into your wall and cover the opening with wooden or plastic doors that match the wall paint. This allows you to hide your dirty clothes and washing supplies away from prying eyes.

    1. Multilevel laundry closet can give lots of storage space

A laundry closet space that has multi-level wooden shelves, which range from small to large in size, can be one of the best small laundry room ideas for apartments. The smallest shelf is at the top and can house the washing supplies. The middle, medium-sized shelf can be great to store your folded linens. The bottom-most and largest countertop can be built just above the machine and can double as an ironing and folding board.

    1. Make best use of your space with a mudroom-cum-washing room

If you have a separate mudroom and a separate laundry room, why not combine the two? You can easily save a lot of space and either build a large laundry room or use the extra space for something else.

    1. Laundry closet pocketed in the kitchen is one of the best small laundry room ideas for apartments

The kitchen-cum-laundry room ranks very high on our list of extremely small laundry room ideas. This is because it is perfect for homes that have absolutely no space and are in dire need of a laundrette.

We can create a sleek closet space where you can place a small washing machine. Above it will be a vertical closet of open cubby holes to store your supplies. You can even place the dishwasher next to the washing machine to save more space in the kitchen.

    1. Add a touch of color with premium-quality wallpapers

If you need extremely small laundry room ideas that don’t involve a lot of renovating or refurbishment, then this is the one. If your laundry room design is fine, but it looks dark and dingy, maybe a splash of color will set things right. We use colorful wallpapers to liven up your launderette. From foil, printed, and vinyl, to flock and bamboo, there are many varieties of wallpapers available, which can help you recreate any whimsical interior you want. Depending on the material you choose, these wallpapers can remain bright and tear-free for up to 15 years.

    1. Laundry washing room convertible to study/workroom for the growing family

This comes from a list of smart and space-conscious small laundry room ideas on a budget.

Consider having only the washing machine in one corner of the room. Instead of shelves and cabinets, bring in portable wicker laundry baskets, where you can keep your supplies, dirty clothes and clean clothes.

You may only need to have a single shelf/countertop above the machine to iron and fold your clothes. You can tuck the portable baskets under here for when you need to use them.

When the washer is not in use, you can wheel away the baskets and slide in a chair to use your repurposed desk.

    1. Put your walls to use with acrylic rods to hang your clothes

Why waste space and money on cabinets to hang your clothes when you can get the same results with acrylic rods? Just attach the rods between two walls and hang your dried clothes. Similarly, skip the foldable drying rack and choose racks that can be screwed onto one side of the wall. These are great small laundry room ideas.

    1. Merge your closet and laundrette to economize both time and space

Here’s another from the list of extremely small laundry room ideas.

Just like your kitchen, having the closet and laundry space in the same room is very space and budget-efficient. It also saves time, since you can arrange all of your clothes in your closet immediately after.

Here again, stacked open cabinetry and a countertop over the machine that doubles as a folding and ironing board can be great options.

    1. Liven up your tiny launderette with artwork and plants

Just because your laundry is the smallest room in your house, doesn’t mean you should ignore its aesthetics. You can make your laundry seem beautiful, bright, and spacious by placing paintings and photographs on the walls. You can also keep assorted potted plants on top of your shelves or on your washing machine to liven up the place. This is one of the best and easiest-to-implement small laundry room ideas for apartments.


With the inspirations and simple steps we have outlined here, you should be able make the most of your small laundry room space and give it a personality of its own. We believe these ideas combine functionality, utility, and aesthetics and will help anyone to plan a more useful and attractive laundry space. While you can go much further, and make major and more expensive changes to your small spaces – we believe these simple steps will provide you genuine aesthetic and practical benefits to your small space laundry room.

At TAGLevel we work hard to provide great solutions, ideas and inspirations. If you want more great articles and ideas, check out our Lifestyle articles and get some fantastic ideas and practical tips to simplify your every day life!

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