How to fold a fitted sheet

How to fold a fitted sheet
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How to fold a fitted sheet? Some tasks may seem simple, but when you actually get down to doing it, you realize that it is quite challenging – folding a fitted sheet is one such surprise; however, knowing how to fold a fitted sheet is not really rocket science. Just like learning to ride a bicycle, folding a fitted sheet can seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, the solution will seem surprisingly simple and straight-forward.

Why should you learn how to fold a fitted sheet?

While it may not be a high priority skill to learn, knowing about the right way of folding a fitted sheet will help you keep your high-quality sheets neat and fresh. When you are investing in the high quality high thread count fitted sheets, it is only natural that you will want to ensure they endure the test of time. Properly folding and storing fitted sheets away neatly will also help to save shelf space, which is crucial if you have limited space to work with.

Simply bunching up, or ‘balling up’ the fitted sheet and shoving it in your closet, or onto your shelf may seem an easy solution, but ultimately will be an invitation for trouble. Sheets will be worn and wrinkles, and in some cases could potentially damage more delicate fabrics. More likely and practically speaking however, if fitted sheets are not properly folded, it can be frustrating to be greeted with the unsightly balled up fitted sheets every time you open your closet. Additionally, not having your laundry and fitted sheets folded neatly and placed correctly can also mean you will not find the right sheet when you need it the most.

How to fold a fitted sheetFortunately, there are no special tools or skills required to keep your carefully collected fitted sheets in top shape, looking great, and your closet and bedding shelf properly organized. All you need to transform your unsightly scrunched up fitted sheets into delightfully crisp folded form are your hands, a flat surface and the right knowledge to get the job done easily and quickly.

So, as you have been looking for simple tips on how to fold a fitted sheet, here are some easy methods that you can follow;

Best ways to fold a fitted sheet

There are many ways of folding a fitted sheet, and you can choose a method that is convenient and easy for you.

The Martha Stewart method

You can always rely on the queen of home organization to provide simple home solutions – read on for her guidance and recommendations on how to fold fitted sheets:

  1. First, hold the fitted sheet lengthwise. The short sides of the sheet are vertical, while the long sides are horizontal.
  2. Place your hands into the sheet’s two adjacent corners
  3. Slip your left hand (work hand) around the corner (corner 1) and then slip your right hand in the other corner (corner 2)
  4. Now put corner 1 over corner 2 so that the seams line up with each other and turn the insides out of the corners. Hold this in your right hand.
  5. Now slide your left hand down to the corner (corner 3) that is nearest to your body. Tuck this corner below the first two corners.
  6. Finally, slide down your hand to the last corner (corner 4) and tuck it into the other corners.
  7. Catch the edges that are hanging loose
  8. Lay the sheet on the table
  9. Fluff the ends and straighten it
  10. Fold it in thirds and fold it in thirds again. If you have a king or queen size fitted sheet, you may have to fold it in fours.

Real Simple method of folding a fitted sheet

An easy way of folding fitted bedsheets with elastic around it is given by Real Simple. The women’s interest magazine from Meredith Corporation is a monthly publication that features information and articles related to childcare, cooking, homemaking, and well-being.

The steps involved, according to Real Simple, are as below:

  1. Drape the sheet on your hands so that the sheet’s top two corners are inside out while the edge faces you.
  2. Fold the sheet in half
  3. Tuck the corners in
  4. Fold the sheet into half vertically by placing the right corner of the sheet over the left, creating a pocket.
  5. Turn the sheet at 180 degrees angle and make a second pocket on the top.
  6. Again, fold the sheet in half
  7. Readjust your hold so that your left hand holds two corners while the other two are draped over your right. The gathered and tucked edges should be facing you while the folded seam is at the bottom.
  8. Fold the sheet again in half to make the four corners meet
  9. Flip the right corners on to the left corners
  10. Lay the sheet on the bed
  11. Fold the curved edge a few inches toward the center to make a straight edge. The sheet is now a rectangle.
  12. Fold lengthwise in half, then fold the sheet into thirds.

The dummies’ guide for fitted bedsheet folding

Also called the ‘Idiot’s Method,’ this is one of the easiest guides on how to fold a fitted bedsheet as there are no confusing folds or pocket tucks to master.

Try this method if the other methods seem too confusing:

  1. Place the fitted sheet flat on a table with the elastic side facing you
  2. Fold up the bottom horizontally.
  3. Now fold the left side towards the middle.
  4. Fold the right side over the left.
  5. Fold the top half into the middle
  6. Bring the bottom half up and place it over the top fold.
  7. Smooth out the seams as you fold

Quick and easy way of folding fitted sheets

You may find the above methods of folding sheets to be rather cumbersome because you need to be holding the two corners in your hands all the time. So, here is another method where you can place the sheet on a flat surface first to fold it.

  1. First, place the fitted sheet on a table so that the elastic is facing upward.
  2. Hold the bottom two corners of the sheet and turn them inside out
  3. Tuck these corners within the top two corners.
  4. The sheet is now folded in half.
  5. Shake it to ensure a smooth and perfect fold.
  6. Place it on the table again with the elastic side facing upward. Grab the sheet to hold the two corners and fold it halfway inward.
  7. Then fold the bottom half on top of the halfway fold
  8. You are now left with a long strip.
  9. Fold inward the right end first and then the left.
  10. Fold it one more time into half to create a perfect folded fitted sheet.


As its name indicates, a fitted sheet is one that fits your bed snugly, usually with elasticized corners to hold them in place on the mattress. Learning how to fold a fitted sheet is important not just in terms of aesthetics, but also for protecting your precious sheets from being wrinkled, and from fraying and otherHow to fold a fitted sheet damage. The challenge for many people is to fit the fitted sheet neatly in their linen closet, given its elastic edges. While there are many methods of folding a fitted sheet, including the ones described above, try out all of them to know which one works for you. As it is with everything else, a little practice with the super simple techniques outlined here will help you become an expert in no time!

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