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There are a multitude of scenarios where having access to a reliable and clean source of water is not only helpful, but in many cases may be a matter of necessity, or survival. Whether the need arises from limited access to water resources, such as a well, river, lake or other water sources, or stems from a desire to limit reliance on community water systems, there are many practical reasons driving the need for access to clean water resources. There are additional concerns about the stresses being placed on existing water systems, and for many, the sad situation in Flint, Michigan and elsewhere have motivated their desire to find new and reliable sources of clean water. Source has been working for many years to engineer and develop a solution which meets the needs of every home and community, and does so independent of the need for grid power, or other connectivity to community systems. The Zeromass Water system is a clean and pure water dispenser that literally creates pure water from the air!

Water from the Air – Zero Mass

The basic explanation of how a Source Zeromass water system works, is to say that it makes use of all the moisture and water vapour that is in the air, and converts that into clean and pure water that you can drink. One of the more innovative aspects of this system however, is its use of sunlight and solar power to run the systems, providing a quality renewable source of clean drinking water in almost any environment. This innovative idea means that these systems can be installed anywhere, without need of an external connection of any kind – there are no electrical, pipes or other external source connections or components necessary when using Source products.

The implications of having such immediate access to pure water, in the form of a self-contained water dispenser, means that these systems provide complete independence from any connected water supply, or community resource. This means no added chemicals, no concerns about potential contaminants, and the confidence of knowing your water is available, no matter what situations arise in your local systems. Additionally, for those in remote areas, or living off-grid, these systems can definitely supplement any existing water dispenser, or water purifications systems that are already in place, and offer a pure water dispenser more-or-less on demand.

Air, Humidity and Temperature Requirements

While the quantity of water produced will be proportional to the relative humidity in the area, the Source Zeromass water system begins working to TAG Level - Zeromass Water Dispenser Humidity Gaugecreate clean water from the moment the sun starts shining. The system works in both dry and humid environments, and can even work in desert environments, where finding water can often be an arduous exercise.

The system has a number of sensors built in, which monitor a variety of conditions 24/7. This includes the air temperature, to ensure the system is not damaged during times when the temperature dips below the freezing mark. It is not safe to operate the system during these times, and Zeromass will go into a kind of ‘hibernation mode’ during these times, to ensure its systems are protected from any damage. Once the sensors note a safe operating temperature has returned, it will re-activate itself and begin its productions once again. It should be noted that Source also considers locations where extended sub-zero/freezing temperatures are likely, and has developed solutions using external reservoirs that can provide continued access to clean pure water in colder times.

How Much Pure Water from the Air Can it Create?

The systems is designed using basic 2-panel components, and each of the 2-panel array systems can produce between 4-to-10 liters of clean drinking water per day. The variation is quantified by the humidity in the air at the time the panel is operating. In addition, a standard 2-panel arrayTAG Level - Zeromass Water Dispenser Installed component is equipped with a 30 liter holding tank/reservoir, where the water is treated with minerals to improve taste and quality. Once the system has been active for a short time, the holding tank will begin filling, and after a short period, is ready to begin providing this much needed, life-providing resource. In practical terms, the recommended daily intake of drinking water daily is around 2 liters per person per day, and a single array system is capable of providing adequate hydration for 2 to 3 people each day. An expanded system doubles this number with each additional two-panel array.

Technical Specifications – Zeromass Water Dispenser

The Zeromass water dispenser from Source is reasonably sized, and can be installed in a relatively short time. That said, the installation of all Zeromass systems is done by Source themselves, or by a local Certified installer. It is important to note that Source does require using their certified installers to ensure the system is correctly installed and optimized for the best performance, and notes that most systems can be installed in less than one day, depending on the number of panels, and the size of the system you have chosen.
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Water Quality

All of the water that is produced in a Source Zeromass system is treated/mineralized using calcium and magnesium. This process is done within the reservoir of the system itself, and helps to ensure a better tasting pure water. Additionally, to further ensure the quality and safety of the drinking water produced, the Source system follows rigid water quality standards set by the US EPA, to ensure that your water is as clean and healthy as you want it to be!

Maintenance, Monitoring and Controlling Production

The Source systems are all designed to be ‘connected’ systems, meaning the devices, as well as details of their efficiency and production, can be monitored in real time using their networked components. This is an added benefit to those who want quick and easy access to important information TAG Level - Zeromass Water Dispenser - Arrayabout the system’s performance and other related data, including water quantity and production details. Included as a part of their system management suite, is the ability to access forecasts, in addition to up-to-date sunshine and humidity data in real-time. All of the Zeromass systems from Source are monitored from their global operations center, and the team at Source are able to monitor all their installed units around the world, to ensure optimum performance.

Source highlights the relatively ‘low maintenance’ nature of their Zeromass water dispenser. Their recommended maintenance cycle is very straight-forward, and the system does not require a great deal of regular service or attention to function. The primary components that require change are the air filter, the ‘polishing cartridge’, and the mineral cartridge. The former two components should be changed yearly, while the mineral cartridge only requires change every five years. All of this can also be mitigated entirely if the customer chooses to participate in Source’s ‘Water for Life’ maintenance program, which means the company will monitor and maintain your system at all times, providing some peace-of-mind to those who use it.

Price and Availability

Pricing for these innovative tools starts at $4000 for the initial 2-panel array, which as outlined above can provide up to 10 liters of clean pure TAG Level - Zeromass Water Dispenserwater for your home. Each additional array is provided at a discounted $2000, which permits you to scale your system at a reduced cost. The Source systems are available world-wide, though it is required that you contact Source directly to determine exactly what options are available to you for delivery and installation.

Summary – Water from the Air

In a world where there are increasing pressures on water resources, and with communities struggling to maintain both the quality and availability of this precious resource, it is important to consider alternatives to finding clean and pure water for your home. Whether you are living in urban environments, rural settings, or completely off-grid, this innovative Zeromass water dispenser from Source is an excellent solution that can provide your home with this life giving resource. Their attention to safety and health, in addition to the well engineered designs they have developed, make this worth considering for water independence today, and into the future.

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