Innovative New Off-Grid Power Solutions

Simple and Practical Micro-Hydro Power Solutions


These micro hydro power solutions represent some amazing innovations in off-grid power solutions using micro hydro. These great devices provide low cost electricity in scenarios where grid power may not be available, or in cases where it is not desired. Definitely worth checking out!

Off-Grid Power Solutions

The folks at iBasei in Japan have developed the Cappa+ hyrdokinetic turbine, which provides a small and practical solution, that can be easily placed into appropriate water flows to generate power.

A more comprehensive solution, provided by Turbulent, uses a gravity vortex turbine, allowing for easy construction of micro-hydro solutions, without major construction, or intensive engineering. The solution can be implemented in rural environments, or in off-grid scenarios where the necessary and sufficient water flow is available to drive the turbine. Their solution is elegant, yet simple, and is a fantastic inspiration to those looking for micro-hydro solutions to their off-grid power mix.

We think these are great and innovative concepts, and the off-grid power opportunities these provide make them immensely attractive in a variety of scenarios. For more detail on off-grid power, check out some of our other great articles on micro-hydro and off-grid power solutions.

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