Is a 90% Efficient Solar Panel Possible?

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NovaSolix is an innovator in the business and technology of solar energy. They are pushing forward with remarkably inventive approaches to collecting solar energy, and converting it to useable energy. As they say of themselves, “NovaSolix is developing the cleanest and cheapest form of energy on Earth: rectifying antennas that convert light to electricity from the entire solar spectrum.” Their goal is to produce a 90% efficient solar panel, and are using some unique approaches to achieving their goals.

The company was founded in 2015 out of Palo Alto, California, an area well known for many great minds and immensely successful technology companies, as well as Stanford University, and is at the heart of Silicon Valley.

NovaSolix’ approach is in the use of technology known as Nanotubes, or more specifically the development of a carbon nanotube (CNT) antenna. These antennas are small enough that they are able to match the minuscule or “nano scale” wavelengths of sunlight, and as such, maximize the amount of sunlight that can be converted into electrical energy. In combination with other nano-scale components, such as their nano-scale diodes, NovaSolix hopes to build a complete and scalable solar energy conversion system that offers the elusive high percentage efficiency that is a major goal of the solar panel industry. In fact, they are seeking to create a 90% efficient solar panel, that will revolutionize the industry.

NovaSolix is developing the cleanest and cheapest form of energy on Earth: rectifying antennas that convert light to electricity from the entire solar spectrum.

A necessary element of their efforts, is to ensure they can develop a solution that can be manufactured at scale, and that will “enable solar energy to be produced at a cost per kWh less than fossil fuels.” Such an approach will most definitely ensure their products are a practical and realistic alternative to electricity production.

It would not be sufficient to build a device that can offer only lab-based results however, and as such, the company has worked from the outset to ensure that their products can scale to mass production, providing not only efficient panels, but devices that are affordable, and that can be deployed in scale to consumers around the US, and the world. While the technology principles they are exploring are by no means new, their innovative approach to producing consumer grade devices that are inexpensive, and can be easily mass produced, is something unique in the market today.

NovaSolix holds a number of important patents in this area, and given their successes to date, appear well poised to achieving their goals of a 90% efficient solar panel in the foreseeable future.

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