Brikawood – The Amazing Wooden Brick Home Built in Days

TAG Level - Brikawood Home
TAG Level - Brikawood Home

Amazing product from Brikawood – a wooden brick house that can be built in only days!!  With several models to choose from, these are truly unique and innovative homes, that are great potential rivals to any small prefabricated homes, or passive dwellings on the market.  These homes use a very ingeniously designed wooden “brick” to build a home that requires no nails, nor glue to complete!  Once the foundation is completed, the Brikawood house can be completed by simply piecing the various brick components together, using self-locking systems and spacers for additional strength.  All these home are built to exacting and high standards, meeting municipal/civil code regulations and look truly amazing in the process!

The Brikawood Home

The Brikawood home is unique in a variety of ways, but is particularly notworthy in its low-energy footprint, reducing its environmental impact.  The materials used have all been approved and certified for use in passive house construction, and includes the use of certified windows and insulation that provide substantial benefit.  The insulation is made using filtered wood shavings, and all windows come with double glazing, or even triple glazing if you select this option. This is a house that requires no nails or screws in its general construction, while still providing excellent thermal performance.

The entire building is designed with heat recovery and ventilation as a priority, and the structure is constructed in such a way as to provide solid and air-tight protection from the outdoors, while ensuring excellent ventilation and air-flow, and optimizing thermal performance. This house kit uses natural building materials to create a wooden house that is as energy efficient, as it is beautiful.

TAG Level - Brikawood Block
TAG Level – Brikawood Block

As these prefabricated homes are designed and built in Europe, they also conforms to the rigid standards set by the European Union in recent years in the RT2012 energy consumption guidelines for new housing.  While meeting these rigid standards is not mandatory, Brikawood has demonstrated their commitment to passive construction and design, by ensuring their buildings meet these stringent standards.  This means that every structure is carefully designed with energy efficiency as a key component of their construction.  In fact, they claim that their wooden brick structures maintain a consistent 19-21° celsius (66-70° Fahrenheit) temperature range!

Brikawood – Home Models

There are four basic models available from Brikawood, and each provides unique opportunities depending on your budget and requirements.  Ranging from 600 to over 1200 ft2, there is something here for everyone.

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Some very innovative ideas here, and at a affordable price, it is a great consideration for anyone looking for a unique and beautiful design, coupled with a relatively straight-forward build process – these are some very intriguing prefab homes from Brikawood!! We really think these innovative house kits are brilliant solutions, with fast build times. From inspired design and passive home certifications, to their use of energy efficient materials, and attention to the highest quality standards, these are remarkable homes! If you like this idea, you may enjoy our recent highlight on the innovative Flex House, or go check out some of our other prefab home ideas.

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