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Many of us have considered at some point, whether the addition of an ‘out building’, or shed in the backyard of our property would be a practical solution to adding studio, office or living space. It hasn’t always been an easy option however, but now the resourceful team at Studio Shed have come up with numerous attractive options that may just offer the perfect solution. Built to last a lifetime, these buildings are sheds in names only, and come in a variety of sizes that could be used from everything from a tool shed, to a backyard studio, a guesthouse or even a home. The perfect studio in backyard solution – these well designed buildings are as practical as they are attractive.

Building & Manufacturing

Studio shed was founded in 2008, by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs who shared a passion for the outdoors and natural living. Since that time, the company has evolved to be a well-known leader in single room prefab structures, and has won numerous industry awards for their excellence in this field. All of the building and manufacturing of the Studio Shed solutions is completed in Colorado, and shipping is available to nearly any part of the U.S. and beyond. International shipments may be available as well, though this requires special handling, and it is wise to get in touch with them to inquire further. The company says of their buildings that they are “designed to last a lifetime”, and make a point of highlighting their quality and craftsmanship. Of interest and concern to many, Studio Shed also ensures they use green building materials in all their studios, and offer a great variety of materials and options to round out their options. Additionally, all the products used in the manufacturing process are engineered to ensure there is minimal waste of materials, and they use only FSC certified lumber, and recycled content in any metal components. All the paint used is low VOC, and any clean wood waste that is generated in the production process, and that can not be reused, is composted.

The company really does seem focused on being conscientious environmental custodians, TAG Level - Studio In Backyard Shedand are working to ensure that sustainable building is not in conflict with affordability. They have a stated goal, “to create spaces that add value to a home, to enhance and expand living space, while embracing the idea that living smarter is better than living bigger”.

Types and Styles of Studios

For the perfect studio in backyard solution, the company offers three primary models/series of products. The Portland, the Summit and the Signature series are offered as predesigned TAG Level - Studio In Backyard Shedpackage solutions that come in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements. Custom options are also available, and the company offers and excellent 3D Virtual Building tool to assist consumers in working out the best design and cost options to meet their budget and aesthetic requirements.

The range of products available is comprehensive, and offers different size and style options to meet most consumers’ desires for studio in backyard solutions. Their range offers sizes from smaller 6ft x 12 ft (1.83m x 3.66m) studios, all the way up to larger small house sized options of 14ft x 26 ft (4.27m x 7.92m).

While the range of sizes is impressive in-and-of itself, their offerings also include completed interiors, which means that these solutions offer potential “turn-key” options to customers who are looking for a total solution without the additional effort of finishing the interior after delivery.

Delivery & Timeframes

In simplest terms, the company states that they can provide a turn-around for an un-permitted DIY studio in eight weeks (from design approval). If customers wish to have the product installed on site, this can vary slightly, depending on the scheduling and availability of qualified installers in the area selected.

Costs & Pricing

The most basic starting prices for studio in backyard from Studio Shed is $10,890 for a 10ft x 12ft (3.05m x 3.66m) Signature model, which roughly translates to about $90 per square foot, and includes a finished interior. Shipping and installation charges are not included, TAG Level - Studio In Backyard Shedand will vary depending on the customer’s location. Conversely, for an unfinished model, with steel doors and more basic window options, the pricing starts at $7,650, or $64 per square foot.

The company is very transparent about their pricing, and in deference to many companies in the prefab marketplace, they seem very open to presenting their pricing up-front, which will be quite refreshing to anyone who has been looking for details from other companies in the past. That said, the pricing for any larger structure will vary depending on the options and choices made, so final details will only available once design and material choices have been finalized.


These great solutions from Studio Shed appear to be excellent options for anyone looking for a backyard studio, or even just a small workspace or tool shed. The construction, materials and options are well thought out, and their commitment to building with an environmentally conscious mandate is certainly appealing. Be sure to check out their overview, and get full details over at Studio Shed.

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