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TAG Level - Glamping Pods from Timeless Pods
TAG Level - Glamping Pods from Timeless Pods

Escape Pods, sometimes referred to also as Glamping Pods are fantastic small housing solutions, offering scalable solutions from cabins, bunkies, beach houses to full sized housing.  The build costs are relatively low, and make these Pods a real option for inexpensive small space living alternatives. (Feature image courtesy Timeless Pods)

Escape & Glamping Pods- Great Small Space Shelter

Glamour camping, or “Glamping”, are great options for outdoor enthusiast who prefer something a bit more glamourous than a tent or trailer.  That said, these well constructed elements can also be converted into other great uses, or scaled up for a variety of great purposes.  Similar to the prefab Arched Houses/Cabins we covered in another article, they are a great low-cost housing alternative, that can be scaled to nearly any purpose.

Types & Features of Pods

The basic Pod is a small space alternative, that can be fitted out with bunk-beds, or standard single beds and basic living arrangements.  Where these Pods really begin to offer a living alternative is when they are scaled up to what are sometimes referred to as Mega-Pods.  Such pods have a larger foot print than a standard Pod, but offer the opportunity to have a small bathroom and cooking facilities, as well as seating and living space.

Most of the Pods come with a small veranda and large front entry, with a window provided in the opposite side to ensure airflow and ventilation.  This also permits additional light into the area, and to be honest, these Pods look really great.

The options below are examples of Pods offered by Algonquin Pod Company in Ontario, Canada.  They provide a few options, including a great Mega Pod, and other custom options.

The Standard Pod

$8,495 CDN – (approx. $6312 USD)

One option that is offered by Algonquin is a great size for sleeping 2 adults & 2 young children (max.).  The size and other details are:

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Family Pod

$9,995 CDN – (approx. $7427 USD)

40% bigger by volume than the Standard option, this Family pod can sleep up to 5 adults, depending on the bed layout. The size and other details are:

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Mega Pod

Mega Pods are custom built, so providing exact size, weight and price information would vary. That said, such Mega Pods offer a wider range of use opportunity, and could be used as additional accommodation, a cabin, or even a full-time living space, depending on your requirements, and the design you choose to create.  Judging from the relatively low cost of the other alternatives, it is likely that a Mega-Pod would also be a reasonable and low-cost living solution for many.  It is definitely worth contacting some of the manufacturers below, and asking them what might be possible, and the costs involved.


The cost of these Pods are quite low, and obviously vary depending on the size of Pod that you choose.  Based on some of the information we have looked at, the pricing ranges for smaller options between $6300 and $7500 US dollars.  Moving toward the Mega Pod style, the prices will increase, though certainly continues to be a sincerely inexpensive option compared to other small space or prefab solutions available.

Gallery & Video Walk Throughs

The gallery below gives you some great ideas and examples of the types of Pods, from standard to “mega”, and offer great inspiration.

Escape Pods

 Llanfair Hall Luxury Glamping Pods

Where to Get a Pod – Dealers & Manufacturers

There are a variety of manufacturers for Glamping Pods world wide that can provide these that will help you get started in your research.

Algonquin Pod Company (Canada) – Really brilliant looking pods and Mega Pods

The Little Cabin Company (Canada) – Fantastic ideas and designs

Lincs Pods (UK) – Great designs and inspiration

Timeless Pod (UK) – Some great 3D walk throughs of their products

AliBaba (ASIA) – Options for ordering from Asia

Eagle Log Cabins (USA/Canada) – Interesting take on the Pod Concept

The Pod (USA/Canada) – Great options

Lushna (Slovenia) – Some really inspiring ideas and designs.

Green Retreats (UK) – Awesome designs and options

Conclusion – Glamping Pods

We think these Glamping Pods are great and affordable options for any number of different uses.  Even as a full-time living space, these are practical if designed correctly.  The prices are well within the range to qualify as “affordable small space housing”, and while they aren’t the cheapest option one can find, they are offer a level of comfort and beauty of design that may be appealing to many.  Combined with a deck, they make a really great option.

If you want to try in out yourself, especially for those who live in the UK, there is a great resource for booking and staying an Pod style house/cabin – you can check out all their great options at GoGlamping and book yourself a few nights of relaxation in a large variety of different styles and locations.

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