Weekly Roundup – Spring Cleaning Deals

TAG Level - Spring Cleaning
TAG Level - Spring Cleaning
TAG Level - Spring Cleaning
TAG Level – Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived, which means that there is plenty of work to do getting things ‘ship shape’ for the summer ahead. Whether it is preparing the yard, garden and patio, or doing the ominous spring cleaning of the house – the time has come! We’ve rounded up the best deals and ideas to help you get ahead of things, and to ensure you have everything you need at hand to make the job as painless as possible. Check it out!

This is one of the more popular of products we’ve seen in recent roundups. It has a convenient swivel design, which makes things a lot more convenient when raking up clippings and other materials. Clever design means that the poles snap together when you’re done using it, and makes storage much easier. It is great for smaller jobs, or when you’ve picked up the bulk of things, and just need a smaller tool for the last bits of a cleaning job.

It has been a long winter, and you’ve probably been thinking that it is high-time to get to spring cleaning the floors and carpets, now that you can fling all the windows and doors open and let the dust out, and the fresh air in. This turbo carpet cleaner from Bissel might just be the answer – it has a lot of great features, and comes highly rated, and is lightweight for easy movement, and collapsible for easy storage.

Depending on where you are, the snow is either gone, or nearly gone. Looking outside, the yard is screaming at you for a good spring cleaning, and a rake and refresh. Of course, that means a lot of clippings and material to collect and move, and of course, a good wheelbarrow is a great and handy tool to have at your disposal. It is useful all year for any number of projects, and as planting time is just ahead, it will be a convenient addition to your gardening arsenal!

A decent light rake, and perfect for gnawing up the debris and decayed leaves and grass from last autumn. This is a fully adjustable light rake, that will surely make life just a little easier as you get started on your spring cleaning!

The Big Kahuna of lawn tractors, this beauty from Husqvarna is sure to do all the big jobs that need doing around the yard. Packed with tonnes of great features and functions – you’ll have a lot of fun doing your spring lawn and garden chores with this behemoth of a workhorse.

It’s almost planting time, which means you’ll need to get that garden tilled up and ready for planting soon. This well regarded rototiller from Sun Joe is a great option. It is electric, with a 12 Amp motor, which should get you through the bulk of your tilling work without the hassle of fill-ups, or going out to buy fuel.

This set should get you started with some great tools on your spring cleaning adventures. It’s always a chore to get things ready for the summer season, but as is often said – “the right tool will go a long way”.

We hope you liked these selections – let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Join us for more great updates, inspirations and articles!

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