Blue Sea Systems ST Blade ATO/ATC Fuse Blocks

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  • Blue Sea Systems Fuse Block ST Blade 12 Circuit with Ground ,part number 5031, can be used for 24-hour circuits
  • Max Amps: 100A per block, 30A per circuit, Max Volts: 32V DC, Mounting :#8 (M4) Screw, Negative bus: #10-32 stud, Positive bus: #10-32 stud, Recommended Stud torque: 24 in-lb, Screw Terminal Torque: 18in-lb, Screw terminal type: #8-32 screws with captive star lock washer
  • Positive distribution bus with #10-32 stud
  • Tin-plated copper buses and fuse clips
  • Accepts ring or spade type terminals and ATO/ATC fast acting blade fuses – fuses sold separately

12-circ No Cover, 12-circ No Cover W/Neg, 12-circ Split W/Cover & Neg, 12-circ W/Cover, 12-circ W/Cover & Neg, 4-circ Term Mount W/Cover, 4-circ Term Mount W/Cover & Neg, 4-circ W/Cover, 6-circ Ind No Cover, 6-circ Ind W/Cover, 6-circ No Cover, 6-circ No Cover W/Neg, 6-Circ w/Cover, 6-circ W/Cover & Neg, 8-circ W/Cover

Pattern Name

Fuse Block, Fuse Block + Battery Switch, Fuse Block + Battery Switch, Red, Fuse Block + Circuit Breaker, 60 Amp, Fuse Block + Copper Wire, 14 AWG, Fuse Block + Copper Wire, 6 AWG


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