Duda Solar 150 Liter SUS304 Passive Water Heater Attached Pressurized Tank Evacuated Tubes Hot

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Pressurized Passive Solar Water Heater with Attached Tank Passive solar water heaters use vacuum tubes with heat pipes and an attached water tank for direct heating of potable water. Sunlight enters the tubes, converting into heat at ~94% efficiency, and is then carried up through the heat pipe to the manifold which heats the water inside of the attached water tank. Water is supplied at the inlet from city/well water, heated and then fed directly into the hot water plumbing of the building. This unit includes an electric backup water heating element and a TK-7Y controller. The passive solar water heater controller is used for timing of the backup water heating and display of the tank temperature. Settings on the controller help prevent heating water when hot water will not be needed, such as during 4 in the morning. This gives the user the ability to only use electrical backup heating when it may be needed, thus giving the sun a chance to replenish heat. These heaters are very popular for use in southern parts of America. For applications in more northern regions where freezing is common, it is best to utilize split active solar water heater systems. This unit heats the domestic water directly. The tank’s hot water outlet connects directly to the home hot water tap. Painted/Galvanized solar water heaters are adequate in most general applications. 304 stainless steel tank/stand heaters may be necessary for corrosive environments such as on a beach where spray from sea water from the wind may be common. The stainless steel versions also have a metallic look which may be more appealing.
Hailstone Resistance: up to φmm (1″), Max Operating Pressure: 100psi, TK-7Y Controller
304 Stainless Steel Outer Shell & Stand, Pressurize tank for domestic water supply, 14mm TU1 Copper Heat Pipes, Winter Resistant
58mm x 1800mm Three-Target Cu/SS-ALN(H)/SS-ALN(L)/ALN Vacuum Tubes, High Boron Silicon 3.3 Glass
Sun Absorption Efficiency: 93-96%, Vacuum Rating: Less than 5.0 x 10^3 Pa, Lifespan:70% @ 15 Years
Tank Diameter: 460mm (18.1″), Inner Tank Material: SUS304-2B Food Grade stainless steel

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