TeiKis 16oz Kombucha/Beer Bottles (6 Pack|Amber) with Easy Cap (Better Grip – Non Slip)


Many Advantages

Teikis Glass Bottles are diverse in their offerings. They have a stylish design that will appeal to all tracks of life.  The neck is narrow, which allows you to easily pour the content of the bottle without spilling it. Simplistic to open and close, which is ideal for home brewing. It has a secure and leak proof seal, making these bottles easy to maintain. 

A Staple For Home Brewing

When wanting to make your home brewing process a streamline approach, you have to invest in refillable bottles. These bottles are the perfect solution, as they are designed with longevity in mind. They are easy to refill and seal, which will help make bottling your brew simple and pleasurable.

Refilling Made Easy

Grolsch style bottles are visually appealing, which allows you to proudly display them at your personal bar. They are ideal for homebrew soda, cider and beer. The included funnel makes it easy to refill your bottles.

Complete Seal

Nothing is worse than opening a bottle to taste a stale beverage. These bottles are made with sturdy glass, and have a thick rubber gasket that provides you with a leak proof seal. The content is completely sealed, which means you will get fresh results every time you open the cap.

Ergonomic Design

These sturdy bottles are easy to grip, which allows everyone to enjoy their beverage without the worry of slippage. The bottle can become wet from condensation, but the ergonomic design will allow individuals to firmly grip the bottle. 

Caution: Remember to burp regularly during second fermentation to prevent unnecessary stress on glass bottles.

Package: 6 Refillable Amber Glass Beer Bottles that are 16 ounces each, as well as a bottle brush, funnel kit
Heavy Duty : Bottles are constructed with thick transparent glass, which allows you to see what is stored inside. They are durable and made for longevity. They are the perfect solution for storing liquid beverages, homebrews, ingredients, oil and vinegar, kefir and Kombucha, as well as homemade vanilla and bottling whisky
Sophisticated Design : Grolsch style bottles have an easy open swing top cap, which allows you to quickly seal and refill them as you please. They are visually appealing, and ideal for displaying a homebrew collection at your personal bar
Keeps Content Fresh Tasting : The swing top cap is sturdy, has a steel wire assembly and thick rubber gasket that allows a complete seal. This protects the content from going stale. This mechanism is simple and effective, and makes the bottle easy to open and close
Teikis LIFETIME WARRANTY – 100% Money Back Guarantee

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