Shock Cord – Cosmic Black 1/8” x 50 ft. Hank. Marine Grade. Also Called Bungee Cord, Stretch Cord & Elastic Cord. Made in USA. 2 Carabiners and Knot Tying eBook.


SAVE MONEY and BE PREPARED with Genuine Marine Grade Shock Cord,
made in the U.S. by a U.S. Military Veteran-Owned Business.

Prior to World War I, Shock cord / bungee cord was regularly used to provide
a strong and lightweight method of securing and carrying equipment and gear
inside or underneath an aircraft.

Shock cord is now regularly used to secure objects together, inside and
outside of aircraft and vehicles, and for hundreds of other uses, including:

Sports: repair tent poles, secure gear and equipment inside or outside a
vehicle, camper, boat, paddle board, trailer, backpack, tent or campsite.

Home and garage: repair patio and lawn chairs, Keen sandals; secure
covers on pools, bbq grills, patio tables and chairs, air conditioners,
roof ventilation “whirlybirds,” luggage straps, hammocks.

Kids: spider web obstacle course, stuffed animal “zoo,” shoe
laces for “slip-on” shoes, scouting, school and church projects.

Cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, bicycles: roof / trunk /
hatchback / luggage rack / tie-down straps and cargo nets.

Clothing: elastic wrist / waist / pant leg and hood
closures on shirts, jackets, coats, pants, purses and bags.

Crafts: beading, necklaces, bracelets, lanyards.

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THIS IS A 50 FT. HANK OF MARINE GRADE COSMIC BLACK 1/8″ diameter shock cord; two 3-inch carabiners with four 1-inch split key rings; and eBook, “How to Tie 20 of the Most Useful Knots.” It is 100% unconditionally GUARANTEED with our “No Muss, No Fuss, No B.S.” 1 year guarantee.
THIS MARINE GRADE SHOCK CORD is made in the U.S. by a U.S. Military Veteran-owned business. It has a multiple-strand latex rubber core surrounded by a solution-dyed polyester sleeve. It is resistant to abrasion, mold, mildew, UV, salt water, humidity, ozone, and color fading.
SAVE MONEY: Hundreds of uses – Hobie Kayak anchor trolley, adjustable tent pole repair, prepper supplies and accessories, zero gravity / bungee chair replacement cord, shoe laces, beading, crafting, Do It Yourself projects, Scouting and school projects, motorcycles, stuffed animal “zoo” or “cage,” indoor and outdoor repairs and replacements, and so much more.
BE PREPARED: Use Shock Cord when hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, camping, skiing, moving, traveling, boating, swimming, scuba diving, and so much more.
KEEP SHOCK CORD in your backpack, Bug Out Bag, house, garage, car, truck, boat or camper. Use it around the house, in the water or on the job.

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