Seeding Square – Seed Sowing Template for Maximum Harvest – Square Foot Gardening Tool Kit – Includes: Color Coded Seed Spacer & Magnetic Seed Dibber/Seed Ruler/Seed Spoon & Vegetable Planting Guide Price: $29.95 (as of 05/08/2021 17:44 PST- Details)


Growing your own veggies is both fun and rewarding. They are affordable, fun to grow and taste amazing. To make your job easier and more efficient, we have designed Seeding Square: A Seed and Seedling spacing Tool that perfectly spaces your veggies so you can maximize growth in a limited space and improve the health of your produce. Correct Spacing Can Make A Huge Difference: Your garden will be perfectly organized Enhances yield potential by 2-5 times Improves convenience for activities like weeding and harvesting Reduces competition for sunlight and nutrients Reduces water evaporation Suitable For All Ages and Gardens: This easy and fun to use seed spacer tool is perfect for everyone: beginners, professionals, garden enthusiast, kids, or anyone who loves to grow vegetables at home. From small home gardens to a huge commercial garden, Seeding Square works equally great for all. If you have a larger garden, we suggest getting two Squares. Then you can “leap frog” them as you plant your garden to reduce planting time. Super Simple to Use – Just Press, Poke & Plant! Step 1: Press the square into the soil. Each press will leave a square-foot of impression behind. Step 2: Poke holes with the help of dibbler. Step 3: Add the seedlings with the help of funnel and seed spoon present at the other end of dibbler Includes Everything You Need To Get Started: Spacing Square with easy-to-understand color-coded markings so you can know exactly where to drop the seed Color-Coded Planting Guide. This template includes spacing information of 46 types of vegetables so you won’t have to remember which plant needs how much space Seed spoon/dibber with depth markings to eliminate guesswork and recognize the right soil depth Funnel – so that you drop the seeds at the right spot
GARDENING IS ‘NO PROBLEM’: This amazing and innovative garden tool ensures that you sow seeds at just the right distance. Optimized space means more yields and less water evaporation. You can make maximum use of available space, which makes Seeding Square great for small gardens.
SPOT WEEDS EASILY: As your garden will be more organized with Seeding Square, the weeding process will become easier, efficient and time-saving. Plus, the thicker and denser crop canopy reduces the amount of room for the weeds to grow.
FUN FOR ALL AGES: Beginners, pros, enthusiasts or kids, Seeding Square seed spacer is fun and easy to use for everyone. It works great for all types of gardens, including large, small, garden box, raised bed, community gardens, school gardens, or anywhere you want to grow vegetables.
SOW SEEDS IN THREE SIMPLE STEPS: Press the seed square into the soil, poke the holes and plant your seeds. The package includes Spacing Square with color-coded holes, seed dibbler with depth marking, seed spoon, funnel and a color-coded template which contains information about the spacing of different plants.
BUILT TO LAST: This seed planter tool is crafted from premium quality ABS plastic for required durability and long-lasting use. Buy Seeding Square kit once and plant for years to come! The compact and lightweight design can be conveniently stored after use and cleaned with a garden hose or in the sink. For replacement pieces or a free companion planting guide please contact your seller.

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