Missouri Wind and Solar Freedom II PMG 24/48 Volt Permanent Magnet Wind Turbine Generator from


If you are using the PMG on a 12 volt system choose the 12/24v model. For 24 volt systems use 24/48v model. For 48 volt systems use the 48/96v model.
Our Freedom II PMG permanent magnet generator is specifically designed for wind turbine use and can even be used with vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT).
Operating Information:
Produces battery voltage at approximately 266 RPM in parallel; 133 RPM in series
Produces twice (2x) the battery voltage at approximately 506 RPM in parallel; 253 RPM in series
Produces four times (4x) the battery voltage at approximately 960 RPM in parallel; 480 RPM in series
This permanent magnet generator works best with our 9 Blade Raptor Generation 4 blades and hub or our new Falcon Mach 4 80″ 3 blade set.

Why buy a Freedom or Freedom II PMG over a Delco car alternator PMA? The answer is more copper. Copper equals more power – each Freedom PMG stator contains twice as much copper than a Delco style PMA. Some modified alternators use power to make power. Freedom PMGs use no input power. PMAs use a thin aluminum housing and the stator is not pressed in.

The Freedom PMG features a very thick aluminum housing and a pressed in stator that helps with proper alignment and durability. PMAs have only two mounting holes. The Freedom PMG has four of them bolted tightly against the mounting bracket for secure mounting. Alternators and some PMAs have a weak rear bearing. The Freedom PMG utilizes two heavy duty bearings. Most car alternators and PMAs that are re-purposed use low grade/high iron electrical steel which can create a lot of heat. The Freedom PMG uses high grade electrical steel and is optimized for efficient cooling

PMG Features: Comes with two heavy duty rectifiers & one hub spacer stabilizer
Zinc plated 28 rare earth neodymium magnet rotor
For charging 12, 24, or 48V battery banks
NO COGGING, easy to turn – Cut in speed of 6 MPH
Skewed stator core with high grade electrical steel and heavy duty copper windings
17 mm stainless steel shaft compatible with all Missouri Wind and Solar hubs
2x thick polished aluminum case
Fits delco bolt patterns and mounts up to our standard mounting bracket

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