Flux Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb – Color Changing Light Bulb – Sunrise Wake Up Light – Dimmable LED Light Bulbs – App Controlled Wireless Sleeping Light – No Hub Required

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Introducing the 2nd Generation Flux Bluetooth Smart Bulb

The 2nd generation Flux Bluetooth smart bulb comes with all the great features you had liked in the original Flux Bluetooth smart bulb like controlling the color of the bulb from your smart device, managing the bulbs as a group, setting up timers and scheduled actions, having the bulb dance to music and so on.

Here are the new features:
Faster Startup: We are used to light bulbs turning on the instant we flip the switch. But this is not the case with most smart bulbs. The new Flux Bluetooth smart bulb starts up in about 0.5 seconds, one of the fastest startup times for a smart bulb.
Sunrise/Sunset Modes: Research has proved that the best way to wake up in the morning is to be gradually awakened by natural light. Now the Flux Bluetooth smart bulb comes with built in sunrise and sunset modes to do just that. Wake up gently in the morning to gradually brightening light.
Longer Transition Delays: Feel your current Flux smart bulbs cycle through their custom or preset modes too quickly? We have fixed that. Now you can have a delay of up to 30 minutes for a single transition cycle.
Scene Mode: Relive your favorite memories and bring your photos to life by setting the bulbs to colors picked from your photos.
Share Custom Modes: Created some cool custom color modes? Now you can now share them with your friends and family via email or SMS.
Camera Mode: Want to set the bulb to a cool color that you see? The camera on your phone now acts as a color picker for the bulb.
Color Setting: The color wheel is great, but it does not give you the precision you need sometimes. We now allow you to specify the RGB color you want to set the bulb to.

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App Name: Flux Bluetooth

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES – Wished you had more control over your lighting? With the Flux Bluetooth smart bulb you can. Smartphone controlled with a color palette of 16 million colors plus cool and warm white, you can now personalize your lighting to suit your needs. And every color is dimmable. Pair it with the Flux Bluetooth Light Strip and create the perfect ambiance.
WAKE UP LIGHTS – Schedule your bulb to turn on or off at specific time. Use the “Sunrise” feature to have the bulb gradually brighten as you wake up. Come home to a bright and well lit home. The possibilities are endless.
SMARTPHONE CONTROLLED – Take control of your lighting from your Smartphone or Tablet. The Flux Bluetooth app allows you to control a single bulb, or group bulbs and control them together. No controllers or hubs needed.
MUSIC SYNC -Sync light to your favorite music and enjoy every beat to the fullest. Transform any room into a dance floor, or create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. This is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day or make your kids bedtime an enjoyable experience.
SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT – Flux bulbs are simple to install and use. Simple screw in the bulb, power it on, download the free “Flux Bluetooth” app, and you have the next generation light bulb at your fingertips. And with a lifetime of 20,000 hours and comparable to a 40W incandescent bulb, you can save money while looking cool.

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