Eco-Lighter Premium Rechargeable Candle Lighter – Multipurpose Lighter Perfect for The Home, BBQ, Camping Gadget, Grill, Easy to Use – Flameless, Windproof Electric Lighters – Deluxe Gift Box


The Eco Lighter is the Original and Best Selling Multipurpose Electric Candle Lighter!

The Eco-Lighter is an Innovative USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter powered by Arc Technology that replaces the traditional flame with an extremely high-intensity flameless electric spark.

The Eco-Lighter is a powerful Electric Lighter with a long handle that easily will light Birthday Candles, a Stove, Fireplaces, Camp Fires, and hard to reach places! Everyone needs a good Candle Lighter and BBQ Lighter!

Designed with Safety in Mind, the Eco-Lighter features a durable and sturdy light weight Aluminum Case with a strong Zinc Alloy Tip. The Eco Lighter has a slide-out tip which is retractable when not in use. When ready to use, just slide the tip up, and press the activation button!

Charging the Eco-Lighter– The Lighter will arrive with a partial charge. You can use it right out of the box! Connect to any powered USB port. When charging, the LED light will turn green, when fully charged the light will turn off.

Cleaning the Eco-Lighter Arc Lighters need to be cleaned periodically. Debris like candle wax can build up over the Arc Terminals, and prevent the Arc from forming. Carefully remove any debris.

ELECTRIC PLASMA Lighter that uses no lighter fluid, and creates no flame. The Eco-Lighter is windproof, economical and environment friendly. No more need for harmful butane lighter fluid or disposable Clipper and BIC lighters!

The Eco Friendly Eco-Lighter is simple to use, safe and very reliable. It is a great tech gift for yourself or your friends!

REMIUM ELECTRIC CANDLE LIGHTERS AND HOUSE WARMING GIFT! The Eco-Lighter is The Original Best Selling Multipurpose Rechargeable Electric Candle Lighter on Amazon! The Eco-Lighter is the perfect gadget for your Home, Kitchen and Living Room. It’s the Ultimate Candle, BBQ Grill and Camping Gadget, Fire Starter, RV gadget and Travel Lighter Accessory. It only needs a charge about once every 500 uses.
THE SAFEST AND EASIEST WAY TO LIGHT YOUR CANDLES! – You won’t be burning your finger tips anymore trying to light Birthday Candles. The Eco-Lighter’s long neck provides easy access to the things you want to ignite while keeping your fingers at a safe distance. Lighting Candles, the BBQ or Stove has never been easier. The Technology inside the Eco Lighter provides significantly more power than a Traditional Flame. Simply push the Ignition Button, and the Arc will form creating a flame
MULTIPURPOSE UTILITY LIGHTER – Durable, Safe, Easy to Use and Portable. Perfect for your Home, Kitchen and Living Room. Safely Light Candles, a Gas Stove, BBQ Grill Accessory, Camp Fires, Fireworks, Fireplace, and more. It is also a Rechargeable Emergency Fire Starter Tool. Say goodbye to Lighter Fluid! Electricity and Battery Power is the Future! The Electric high tech gadget Eco-Lighter Arc Lighter gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to refillable reusable Candle Lighters!
BUTANE FREE LIGHTER – Major Cool Factor! – No Heat, No Fluid, No Flame, No Butane, it’s Electric! Everyone will be AMAZED when they see you use the Eco-Lighter. Just wait until you push the Ignition Button! The Plasma Arc is so powerful it feels like an Atomic Lighter. The Eco-Lighter’s long neck also provides easy access to deep dish candles and hard to reach places! Help our Planet by using a Clean Burning, Environmentally Friendly USB Lighter! USB Charging Cable Included.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our commitment to your satisfaction is to provide you with the highest quality Electric Candle Lighter available. If you are not completely satisfied with your Electric Lighter, we will replace your Eco-Lighter Lighter at no charge, or Issue a full refund.

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