SHTFandGO Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves 50 BMG Cooking and Emergency Tent Heater Price: $185.00 (as of 05/08/2021 17:43 PST- Details)


Made In The USA. Gravity Feed and Emergency Tent Heater/ Self Feeding Rocket Stove. Convertible from a cooking stove to an emergency tent heater. Extra Wide base for the most sturdy stove on the market. The perfect cooking stove for Camping, Preppers, Sports-men, and Survivalist! These stoves produce little to no smoke with dry wood! The temperature of the stove is easily controlled by adding wood at the rate you need. Use dry sticks or split wood about the size of your thumb is all you need to operate the rocket stove. 3-4 sticks is more than enough heat to purify water, cook breakfast, lunch or supper . You can cook anything on the 50 BMG you can cook on your kitchen stove top, you can cook on a rocket stove. This survival stove is built to last a lifetime. 5 inch by 5 inch burning chamber means longer burn/cook times. The Handle allows balanced transportation and carry of a cool stove. Heavy Duty steel won’t warp over time like cheap stamped steel stoves. The cooking grate is wide and will support large pots. Keep a stove with your survival gear ready for use, or great for your next camping trip. No need to keep propane or alcohol like other stoves when the next hurricane or disaster strikes.. Your new stove will arrive painted flat black with high heat resistant 1200*F paint as shown. Units are designed for outdoor use only. Use in a well ventilated area only. We do not supply venting material. Accepts standard 4 inch venting pipe. It’s best to use 4 inch wood or stainless vent piping, but we want to show our mini-stove in an emergency situation using inexpensive venting.
Made in USA, The Original Gasification Rocket Stove.
Burns Cleaner than other stoves, with secondary burn process.
Can be used as Emergency Wood Heater with proper 4 inch venting.
Cook Meals, Boil Water, Connect Vent Pipe for Emergency Heat.
Ash Tray and Burner Damper. This model does not operate on wood pellets

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