6-Inch Garden Landscape Staples Stakes Pins – USA Strong Pro Quality Built to Last. Weed Barrier Fabric, Ground Cover, Soaker Hose, Lawn Drippers, Irrigation Tubing, Wireless Invisible Dog Fence

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It Seems Incredible That You Can Offer This Level of Professional Quality For Such A Low Price. (See Benefits Above.) Yard work is so much easier when you have the right tools! – full 6 inch length (don’t be fooled by the cheap and inferior 4 inch versions sold on amazon that will pull out in the slightest breeze causing you extra work and/or harm to your yard or plants.) Reusable, best value, made in usa, money-back guarantee. Professional quality & size means better results for your projects. High-quality sod / landscaping anchors / pegs made from the same durable steel professionals use. Now it’s easy to hold sod on hills or curves, secure nets to keep birds away, hold down wire for pet containment systems, pin erosion control, secure outdoor wires or holiday decorations, secure tomato cages, hold down edging, hold down water soaker hoses or drip, and much more. Satisfaction guaranteed: we’re sure you’ll love our high-quality products, however, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied we offer a full money back guarantee. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Only use our high-quality products and make your project simple and easy. Support the US Economy and Jobs by buying American-Made Products. Don’t wait! Add to cart now while they’re still in stock!

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