When we were first introduced to the Archipod concept, we were really excited. The unique design, combined with the imaginative and innovative design aesthetic really intrigued us. As we researched further, and looked into the Archipod concept in more detail, we found ourselves even more enthusiastic, and have since fallen in love with this building (we know, that sounds weird), but read on, and the reason for our passions will become more transparent.

In simplest terms, the Archipod is targeted for use as a garden office, though it is easily adaptable to multi-use, including suggestions as a Studio, Hobby Room, Small Office, Outside Entertainment Room, Yoga/Meditation room, or even used as a Tree House. This is part of the what makes these structures so practical, is there multi-use character and flexibility.

Design & Construction

Archipod - Garden Pod
Archipod – Garden Pod

The structures are well insulated, providing both a balanced internal environment and temperature, but goes even further, ensuring that outside noise is minimized, which provides a tranquility to the experience when entering an Archipod. The structure is build with double layers of insulation, using both high performance foil insulation as a vapor barrier, and further extended with a mineral-fiber insulation layer that adds another three to four inches that is nestled into both the floor and the curved panels that make up the construction. Adding to the ease and tranquility of this product, is the fact that it is considered a movable structure, and in most instances does not require a building permit, or any municipal approvals to be installed. What can be more tranquil than not having to deal with your local bureaucracy!? Granted, every municipality and community has different rules and regulations, though in the majority of cases, this building can be installed with relative ease, without any permitting requirements.

Depending on your tastes for design, this building can either inspire a person, or seem somewhat avant garde, but in either case it is most certainly a spectacular design, and adds enormous character to every environment. The Gull Wing style door adds immense design flare to the product, and adds a kind of natural flow to the building. The Archipod is fully customizable, and in collaboration with Archipod, can be built in nearly any format you desire within the basic framework. The imaginative folks at Archipod have even taken things a step further, and will produce renders of your design, and of how it will look on your property – they suggest only that you send them clear photos of the area you intend to place the Archipod, and they will return a photomontage to give you some perspective and visual idea of how the structure will look on your property.

Models & Sizes

Archipod currently is delivered in two formats – the standard Archipod, and what they refer to as the “Archipod Bigger”.

Archipod - Standard Pod
Archipod – Standard Pod
Archipod Standard
9’6″ diameter internally at widest point
8’3″ to top of dome
Archipod Bigger (FAT)
12’6″ diameter internally at widest point
8’5″ to top of dome

Archipod - Bigger (FAT)
Archipod – Bigger (FAT)

Components & Connectivity

All of the Archipods are delivered with power, lighting and heating pre-installed. Bringing power to the structure is obviously a requirement, though they have predesigned the structures to include electrical distribution panels and pre-drilled entry points to make this as easy as possible. If it is desired to include water and/or communications cabling (data and/or telephone), then such additional cabling needs to be available to the location where you will place the Archipod. That said, in a world of wireless communications, the issue of communications cabling can be mitigated substantially. Otherwise, Archipod have taken all reasonable measures to make their structures as close to “ready to use” from the moment it is delivered as one could hope for.

Cost & Delivery

Archipod - Garden Pod
Archipod – Garden Pod

From the outset, Archipod did not set out to build a “cheap garden shed”. Their intention was to create a structure that was both contemporary and innovative, and that would add flavour to your property’s visual appeal. Taking things further, they state their intentions clearly, that they have worked hard to create an ergonomic interior, and use only high quality fixtures and fittings to ensure the entire experience of an Archipod is comfortable and appealing. In their own words, “there are cheaper garden offices on the market”, but they have worked hard to provide their customers with a higher quality alternative that is more interesting and innovative than other options available.

Delivery of the Archipod can be either pre-built, or in pieces, which can easily be placed

Archipod - Garden Pod Delivery
Archipod – Garden Pod Delivery

together on-site, as required. In the case of pre-built delivery, a small crane is used to hoist the structure into location. In scenarios where this is impractical, delivery of the Pod will be done with pre-build panels that are designed to be placed together relatively quickly once they are delivered. Archipod states however, that the build process is likely not something to be a D.I.Y. project, and recommends the installation is done by someone familiar with their products.

We think this is a really remarkably designed, and eminently clever design, and recommend you head over to Archipod and check out their designs and products. I’m sure you will be inspired by their passion, engineering and ideas.

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