Tiny House Walkthrough – 3 Great Tiny House Inspirations

Tiny House Walkthrough - The Farallon
Tiny House Walkthrough - The Farallon

When it comes to getting to know the feeling and character of a tiny house, nothing can compare to walking through one yourself.  In the absence of physically being there, the next best thing is to see a tiny house walkthrough video, which are becoming increasingly popular with many involved in the tiny house lifestyle.  This is a round-up of three excellent tiny house walkthrough videos that do a great job of highlighting tiny house features.  This is part of an ongoing series of articles, bringing you some of the best tiny house walkthrough, designs and ideas out there – Enjoy!

The Farralon – Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

(via RelaxShacks)
A really inspiring design, with great character that is well hewn using wood throughout that creates a warm and comforting interior feeling.  Designed by Laura Schmitz, this tiny house walkthrough highlights an open floor design that includes a lower floor bedroom, and an additional loft sleeping area and all the other great features you would expect from the experienced master builders at Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

Tiny House for under 25k

This incredible tiny home was build for $22,744 – that is quite an amazing accomplishment.  Presented by Tinyhousebuild.com, this incredible concept is called “hOMe”. This tiny house walkthrough features a home with 221 ft2 of space, plus an additional 128 ft2 of loft space.  The entire structure was self-designed, and built on a 28 ft trailer platform – the result is really fantastic.  Check it out!

Tiny House Walkthrough  – Mini-Mansions Missouri

This walk through, put together by Tiny House Listings has been a great hit, with over a million views, and highlights one of the more popular designs created by Mini-Mansions Tiny Home Builders in Missouri.  This walkthrough highlights their “Relax Shack Red”, and was built in 2016.  It’s a great small home, and definitely sports some inspiring design ideas, with great storage solutions and innovative concepts.

It is hard to watch a tiny house walkthrough and not feel inspired by the great designs and innovative concepts that their designers and builders have created.  We hope that you will find these great ideas as motivating as we do, and that it helps you in your explorations of different living concepts, and lifestyle ideas.  As the saying often goes “Less House, More Home” – these ideas definitely take this into account, and add definition to the beauty of a less complicated and simpler life.

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